I do not like to create fear and that is not the purpose of astrology but you have your seat belts fastened this week and you have to stay on top of self-care with yoga, meditation, exercise etc to weather the upcoming storms.  Lots of potential drama, arguments, suffering, anxiety so if you know about it, you use the weather forecast and get your umbrella out and do not decide to go on a picnic if there is a tornado watch on.

MARS: Mars and the Sun are closely conjunct this week with the exact conjunction on Oct. 8th.   The good news is that Mars and the Sun are friends and . between Oct 6-10th even, the exact conjunction is consider powerful as in Western astrology it is call Cazimi or being in the Heart of the Sun which represent the Divine.  So Aries and Scorpio rising would normally have an empowered transit those days but Mars is Debilitated in the Navamsha Oct 7-11th and this weakens the power of the transit. He is winning a winning a planetary war with Mercury, Oct 8-10th because Mercury is retrograde so he will win the arguments and the fights but the rage may still be there and while fighting is Mars’s nature, it is draining.

MERCURY:  Mercury is retrograde and back in Virgo and the retrograde energy makes it stronger if you are Virgo rising or Gemini rising  but it loses the planetary war with Mars between Oct. 8-10th so you have to watch arguments and if anger gets out of control, you need to let it out and scream in the car or house alone.  Do not fight while you are driving and pull-off the road as Mars/Mercury wars can create accidents and Mercury is losing.  If you are in Mercury/Mars dasha or a  Mars/Mercury dasha and if you are Virgo or Aries rising or Scorpio, you have to drive carefully and watch out for the other guy. Is a verbal argument over who is right worth it?  Does your ego really need the gratification?  Given our polarized world, watch out this week.

SATURN:  Saturn remains in Capricorn and is slowing down to go stationary/direct on Oct. 10th. I find the week before Saturn direct, that lot’s of deep complex problems come up for us  deal with and the level of fear and anxiety can intensify. This is particularly true because Saturn is debilitated in the D9 chart in the Aries section and is still getting a strong aspect from Rahu who creates anxiety and paranoia.   Exercise and meditation calm Saturn and continue to remember that what you fear, often never comes true. With the Pluto conjunction in Capricorn going on, there is this underlying fear that the world will fall apart –and it seems that way with politics and Covid and global warming.  Man has resilience and will get through and Saturn in Aquarius for a few months in May/June/July 2022 will bring a bit of relief from Pluto.  By the way, Pluto is stationary and going direct on Oct 5th and that gives it more power to seek more governmental control and it can stir up earthquakes and volcanoes and we have seen our fair share of this lately.

VENUS:  Venus moved into Scorpio on Oct. 1st where it’s sexual energies and passions get stirred up. It moves toward exact conjunction with Ketu on Oct 10th and is within 3 degrees Oct 8-12th.  Venus and Ketu are polar opposites as Ketu wants to meditate and Venus wants to play and have sex.  The combination can create odd sexual encounters that ultimately will not seem satisfying.  It can bring up sudden flare ups of anger for Libra and Taurus rising with partners so remember that it’s your inner volcano and not your partner’s fault.

RAHU:  Rahu moves into the constellation of Krittika (Aries 26.40-Taurus 10.00) on Oct. 5th in the mean node system and we have written about this week.  What is disturbing about this transit is that it can create deeper quests for power and we worry about politicians who are already out of control. Eventually Rahu eclipses the Sun and power and politicans fall.   The tyrannical Liberal premier of New South Wales resigned today as Aussies popped their Champagne corks.   Will we get a number of additional falls over the next 9 months? Let’s hope so.  Our politicians are out of control.  The Nov/Dec eclipses will certainly prime this energy and move it into the winter for completion.

Remember to help others. Reach into your hearts for kindness and compassion and accept if others are out of control. It may or may not be your fault.  Find a zen equanimity and remember that it is all Divine play and witness it and do not take it seriously.  This particularly hard now in our tyrannical world but do stand up when you are being wronged because it will get harder if you do not resist earlier.



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