NOV 20, 2021-APRIL 22, 2022

Jupiter moves back into Aquarius on Nov. 20th  and it is a welcome move out of the material Capricorn, where Jupiter has its moral and ethical nature and natural law seems to have plummeted.  Jupiter does well in this sign because its liberal nature meshes well with the Aquarian humanitarian and social energies.

Aquarius has a radical quality due to the co-ownership by the rebel Rahu and Western astrologers connect it to Uranus which has its inventive, scientific and eccentric nature. Jupiter in Aquarius should push more movement toward freedom onto the world and at the same time support technological and scientific development and we expect that NASDAQ will have one last spurt up during the direct movement of Jupiter in Aquarius.

Western astrologers may be correct in connecting the wild inventive energies of Uranus and technology and inventiveness which can be embodied with Aquarius. Also, Vedic astrology traditionally connects Rahu to the sign with its independent and rebellious energies. The Rahu-owned nakshatra in Aquarius, Satabhishak, (Aq 6.40-20.00) tends to excel in technology and biotechnology, and Jupiter-owned, Purvabhadra (Aq. 20-Pisces 3.20) can create great scientists.

Saturn is the co-owner of the sign and brings with it the 12th house of Capricorn and thus also brings a fascination with death and the life-beyond and the quest for Moksha. On the darker side, it also brings humility and self-esteem problems and may be too concerned with helping others and humanity rather than taking care of itself. It has to be cautious of doing too much service work. If you have Sun or Moon in Aquarius, you might possess a brilliant mind and gentle natures are wonderful in philanthropic work and well-suited for serving humanity.

The Sanskrit name for Aquarius is Kumbha which means pitcher. The symbol of Aquarius is the man with the pitcher. The iconography is a bit puzzling as the pitcher of Aquarius has water flowing out from it even though Aquarius is an air sign. On the level of esoteric astrology, it is connected to the Rishi Agastha who is symbolically holding his breath to usher in new civilizations and new philosophies. Given where our world is now, all the upcoming movement into Aquarius over the next year is welcome with Saturn moving in there in May 2022. We think that will mark the end of the Covid crisis.

Jupiter is happier in Aquarius than most astrologers might notice as its love of wisdom blends well with Aquarius’s deep philosophical nature and concern about humanity. Aquarius will support lawful and democratic interests and uproot some of the corruption we have seen with the unethical Jupiter in Capricorn and can develop diplomatic and political skills and increase clarity and arguments in debates. It will promote social activism, cooperation, technological development, and learning to think outside the box for new solutions.

Jupiter will now aspect the air signs so houses in your chart connected to Aquarius, Gemini and Libra will expand with luck and good fortune. So if you are Scorpio rising and Aquarius owns the 4th house, it will support a new home or car or happiness in general, will increase the desire for occult knowledge and meditation as the owner of the 8th house, and support the 12th house of Libra for joy in foreign travels or visits to ashrams — if the Covid police ever let us. (Please consult your professional astrologer to see the impact on the houses in your chart.)

Jupiter in Aquarius promotes mental travel as the air signs it delights in mind expansion, exploration of new knowledge. Given our closed belief system lately, Jupiter in Aquarius will promote more open-mindedness which is badly needed as we all need to see both sides of an argument or a scientific paper and not negate another opinion for political reasons.

The transit should promote more concern for our community and be of better service to society. Covid has locked out of that service so let’s hope Jupiter can free us. With the Aquarius connection to liberty and freedom, let’s hope that Jupiter in Aquarius will spur a mass movement to break the chains of lockdown that Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn have created from our dictatorial leaders and governors.

Let’s also hope that the connection of Jupiter to Aquarius can create some alternative solutions to solving the Covid problem that rises up against experimental vaccines.

If you are interested in the impact of the transit of Jupiter on Aquarius in your chart, sign up for a consultation at www.appliedvedicatrology.com under the Consultation tab.

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