I talk with a lot of people and there is a lot of suffering popping up and it’s on a subtle level.  Vedic astrology is always more complex than one might imagine.  Mars in it’s friend’s sign of Sagittarius but it is the difficult Nakshatra of Mula ruled by Ketu until Feb. 3rd.   Saturn just moved into a new Nakshatra which is Dhanishta (Capricorn 20-Aquarius 3.20) which is ruled by Mars and creates an association.  Saturn transits are most thorny the last 10 degrees of the sign with Saturn at 20-30 degrees until May.

Venus is retrograde in Sagittarius but is in the Virgo section of D9 where it is considered fallen and we wonder why the stock market and cryptos are falling out of bed when the planet of expansion suddenly feels too tired to expand.  Venus is still retrograde until Jan. 29th but remains weak in the D9 chart until Feb. 11th.   Ketu is at home in the sign of Scorpio but strong maleifcs can create more problems depending on the rising sign. It does does not move out of Saturn’s nakshatra of Anuradha (Scorpio 3.20-16.40)  until Feb. 8th Let’s look at this all a bit more deeply.

MARS IN MULA NAKSHATRA:  Jan. 16-Feb. 3rd;  Mula nakshatra is connected to the goddess Nirriti who points people toward spirituality by often taking away the material realm if have not discovered their spiritual essence.  Mars has been here since Jan. 16th and will stay in this constellation until Feb. 3rd.  No accident  that the stock market and crytos and core stocks like Netflix have been falling apart the past week.  The most difficult part of the transit is Jan. 31st-Feb. 3rd when Mars is in the Cancer pada which wants to let go of everything and untangle difficult knotted karma.  The way to ride this energy is to dive deeper into your spiritual practices and realize the maya of the market place.  Time to keep your sibling relationships strong as they could erupt in anger and take care of your partner more rather than getting stuck in work.

SATURN IN DHANISHTA NAKSHATRA: Feb 18th , 2022 to Feb 14, 2023.

Saturn moves slowly so it stays about 12-13 months in a constellation. It now associates with Mars for the next 13 months which is always good for indecision and frustration. This transit supports doing more service work but has to be careful of doing service for acknowledgement or ego.  The first part of the transit in Leo Navamsha will create the most challenges around ego and that ends March 20th .  Saturn can get too out of balance in this constellation so one has to be careful to not take on too many responsibilities.  Dhanistha (Capricorn 20-Aquarius 3.20)  is a nakshatra connected to material wealth but Saturn here can become dissatisfied with the material world if it has not moved into the spiritual realm.  The problem with Saturn here is that it now restricts Mars over the next year on a mental level creating frustration but  also preventing Mars from being too impulsive.  This makes Mars even less happy and he is currently struggling in Mula anyway.  Still this Nakshatra is good for social justice and Abraham Lincoln has his Sun and Ascendant placed in this Nakshatra and  Saturn will get the job done here it our troubled world.


Venus is a planet of expansion of price and loves shopping and luxury and pleasures. While it tends to overspend in Sagittarius, the retrograde energy and the debilitation in the Virgo section of the D9 are creating an imbalance.  I often see the stock market and prices fall when Venus is in Virgo in the fall and this recent bout of falling stocks and cryptos is probably spurred a bit by this but there are always other factors.  Venus does not go direct until Jan. 29th and then is not out of Virgo in the D9 until Feb.11th.  If you are ruled by Venus as in Libra or Taurus rising, you may be more tired or critical in relationship and revaluating and picking on your partner too much. Lighten up and look at your own flaws or what your partner is mirroring back to you.

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