Hidden Psychological Blocks, Finding Your Blind Spots Using Vedic Astrology

Hidden Psychological Blocks


Bhadaka is a type of block or obstruction and represents planets that hinder your personal growth. Itis like Rahu with a shadow influence that runs your life but is hard to understand. It is also difficult to unblock because it is invisible. They can be good planets but they have hidden shadow influences that are cryptic and may steer your unconscious life. In a sense, they become a hidden core area that we cannot get a handle on.


(Parashara does not discuss them but they are in other texts like the Prashna Marga and the JatakaParijat in Chapter 48.)

There are numerous forms of maya, illusion, that trick the mind into believing things that are not true and keep us wrapped in illusion.

These include:

These include:

  1. Rahu and Ketu.
  2. The Upagrahas (or minor shadow planets) including
  3. Dagda rashi (connected to the lunar day) and the impact of blocked signs due to your tithi, lunar day, that block planets by rising sign.
  4. Dashas that are run by benefics that are functional malefics.
  5. The blind spots of planets placed in certain house like the 7th and 12th houses because they represent the blinding areas of sunrise and sunset and bhadaka, which is discussed below.

If you are a moveable or cardinal ascendent (Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn) the hidden block is connected to the 11th house ruler and it creates problems with friends, income, and groups. This house is connected to hearing so there is a tendency to hear what is only convenient.


If you have a block here, you may face obstacles earning an income or if you have a good 11th house, you may not feel it is enough. There may be spiritual walls with elder siblings that are very complex. This may lead to feeling unsupported by others or in groups.

If you are a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius), the 9th house ruler creates a block and this often manifests as hidden problems with Gurus, your father, spirituality, or religion. This block may manifest in not being able to take the right advice from one’s father or Guru. As fixed signs, one may have trouble with change and this creates a problem when life throws one a curveball. This house is connected to touch and feeling and when this gets shut down either there is a lack of sensitivity or a tendency for having one’s feelings betrayed.

A person with this influence often sees religion or spirituality as a limitation, particularly for Taurus rising with Capricorn owning the 9th house. This is an odd case because the 9th house brings good luck and fortune which may manifest on a material level but it will also bring hidden karma with it and create suffering. I often think that people who are stuck in fundamentalist religion or spiritual bypass have this hidden block.


If you are a dual sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces) then the 7th house and its ruler is the

block and this manifests with problems in relationships or business relationships. Often a spouse will block one’s spiritual growth and with this baggage, there is a tendency to often want to change relationships to try to get through the blocks.

There are emotional blocks that prevent one from seeing clearly in relationships. This house is connected to sight and so they have trouble shifting perspective or seeing other people’s viewpoints. These people often see details and orderliness as a place to get stuck. Because the 7th house is also a maraka of death or a disease-inflicting planet, it may cause hidden illness for a person that is hard to diagnose. Because it is connected to the 7th house, it may be a by-product of relationship problems when they do not work that makes you sick or sometimes even kill you. I often say that if a relationship does not work, it kills you.


There are different levels of problems and they are more acute if the badhaka planet is connected to malefics or Gulika, the shadowy son of Saturn, or the lord of the 22nd Drekkana, which is the lord of the 8th house in the D-3 chart.

In some cases, if the blocking planet is very afflicted or connected with the 6th, 8th, or 12th houses or its owners, then very extreme karma and “curses” are present and they can create extreme psychological abnormalities and disturbances. Abnormal psychologists would have a field day with this material for understanding the challenges of their most difficult patients.


What is very revealing is that planets which are 12 houses from the blocking planet known in Sanskrit as Bhavesh which show you the past karma that you have inherited and need to work on. So, if the Sun is 12 houses from your blocking planet, then you have misused power in past lives or have major issues with your father to work out or if you have Venus 12 houses from your blocking planet you may be blind to hidden issues around your wife.


The combinations of signs, planets, aspects, and influences always create a myriad of colors. In my chart, Scorpio rising with 9th lord the Moon being the Bhadaka planet in the 1st house and aspected by Mars has led to a fascinating combination. It is also connected to Mercury in Jyestha nakshatra, which is the 22nd Drekkana lord. I have always had difficulty receiving touch like massage or sexual pleasure. The debilitated Moon has created emotional trauma that has led me to seek solace in religion and spirituality. This has created a spiritual bypass situation where I have to run to Gurus and meditation rather than heal the emotional scars of my mom not being present or touching and holding me enough when I was young. I am only now getting in touch with the need to heal these issues to become more whole.


The various combination of Bhadaka and your hidden “curses” or blocks are very individual based on rising sign, placements and aspects. There are remedies to be able to move through them. If you need a reading, sign up https://www.appliedvedicastrology.com/Types Of Readings/.


It’s time to shine some light on these hidden blocks and unlock these karmas that often run our lives for years. We have also developed a team of professionals to work with these issues. See our program: https://www.appliedvedicastrology.com/transformational-counseling/

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