Weekly highlight:

Venus goes direct in Sagittarius on Jan. 29th.

Mercury goes direct in Capricorn on Feb. 3rd.

Saturn remains combust until Feb. 22nd; conjunct the Sun on Feb. 4th

Jupiter is vargottama in Aquarius in the Constellation of Satabhishak /Pada 3  Feb. 2-16th

Venus remains debilitated in the D9  /Navamsha until Feb. 11th

Sun Moves int Aquarius Feb. 12th

New Moon in Capricorn/Chinese New Year 1st

ARIES RISING:  Mars remains in Sagittarius in Mula Nakshatra until Feb 2nd and will be in the difficult 4th Pada (10-13.20 Sag.) where letting go is needed and difficult karmic knots need to be untied around issues with father or Guru or teachers.   Get more rest until Feb. 2nd.  It moves into Venus’s constellation of Purva Shadha (Sagittarius 13.20-26.40) on Feb. 2nd and will increase passion and sexual energies and this will peak into the planetary war with Venus on Feb. 16th.   Make sure you do not bowl over your partners with your power and be ready to compromise.

TAURUS RISING;   Venus does direct in the 8th house of Sagittarius on Jan 29th but remains weak in Virgo Navamsha until Feb. 11th.   Lot of transformational issues around relationship, being critical of partners but the direct energy may finally allow you to make decisions around how to handle your relationship or leave it.  Get extra rest and watch your critical energies and see if the finger you are pointing toward your partner is really your own issues.

GEMINI RISING:   Mercury goes stationary direct this week in your 8th house of Capricorn and  allows deep and powerful transformation to happen.  It will start moving back toward Saturn into March 2nd where either very focused and deep thinking will produce powerful transformation or lack of mental clarity will slow your writing  down and lead to miscommunication.

CANCER RISING:  New moon in your 7th house on Feb. 1st  may be a low point of energy for you particularly around business and personal relationships where Saturn’s deep grumblings may force you to just let go or be miserable.  The waxing moon starting next week and return of the moon into Pisces Feb 4-5 will bring much needed renewal an optimism.

LEO RISING:  Sun in Capricorn moving toward combustion with Saturn will lead to father/son or boss/supervisor confrontations at work.  Remember, good leaders have to work in the trenches with their workers and find a way to criticize and support them in a positive and growth-producing manner.

VIRGO RISING:   Mercury goes direct on Feb 3rd in your 5th house of creativity, self-expression and children but with Saturn there, some difficulties or blocs may emerge.  Use you strength and creativity to push through the challenges.

LIBRA RISING :  Venus goes direct in your 3rd house and moves toward Mars into Feb. 16th.   Sexual energies may be activating and fighting with partners will increases if you stay too critical and do not see what they are mirroring back to you.   Watch sexual and sensual over indulgences as appetites may move out of control.

SCORPIO RISING:   Mars will have to do a lot deep transformation to untie difficult knot around family and money issues through Feb. 2nd but will get a burst of new energy and passion after Feb. 2nd as it moves toward Venus into Feb. 16th.  Watch sexual appetites and over-eating and over-spending and make sure to save money.

SAGITTARIUS RISING:   Jupiter is transiting the 3rd house and is relatively unafflicted and strong Feb. 2-16th so i will lead to more creative writing, acting and speaking and your actions will be expansive.  Enjoy time with younger siblings or neighbors and watch the urge to party too much or get to involved in lower energies and remember your dharma of connecting to your divinity.

CAPRICORN RISING:   Saturn has great power now but still can create health issues if you are not disciplined with diet and exercise.  Sun’s affliction into Feb. 2nd and Feb 5th-22nd will increase fatigue and vulnerability to your health.  There is a brief light of moving into the heart of God, Feb. 2-4th where you get a reprieve from the intense anxiety and frustration that has been building.

AQUARIUS RISING:  Still dealing with the 12th house transit of Saturn which is now more intense in the final 10 degrees of the sign bring frustration, expenditures, delays. Time for more meditation, retreats and service work to transform the energy. Rahu, the co-owner is strong in Taurus in the 4th but he also blocks happiness with continued material desires.  Remember the mantra, I am enough, I have enough.

PISCES RISING:  Jupiter remains in your 12th house until April 16th continuing frustration, expenditures. Use the time for service work and more meditation and retreat to transform the energies.  Jupiter will move into Pada 3 (Aquarius 13.20-16.40) Feb. 2-16th and this will bring more power around healing and issues around technology.   Jupiter begins combustion, Feb. 18-March 19th , and this may increase fatigue or create false optimism.

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