Saturn and Depression


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Saturn is weak in transit being combust by the Sun until Feb. 22nd .  It is still with Pluto by sign and the darker side of Saturn comes out with gloominess, depression and pessimism and you have to work hard to stay on top of it if Saturn is prominent in your chart for Capricorn and Aquarius rising and Saturn Atmakaraka or if you have Saturn in the 1st house in your natal chart or Saturn conjunct or aspecting your moon in your natal chart.

Saturn was conjunct the moon this week and the moon was new and that is always heavy and with with Mercury, the other mental  planet, also in Capricorn for another month,  it also increases pessimism and negative thinking and so it takes extra energy to keep your mind out of the dumps. Sun is also in Capricorn in January 14-Feb 12th  and that will dampen enthusiasm and joy. Dismiss darker tendencies and talk out your problems with professionals and avoid  being isolated.

The astrology is heavier for a few weeks into Feb. 22nd  and we are going to have to stay disciplined with exercise, yoga and diet or we will suffer more. Find ways to combat depression by doing more exercise, meditation, positive self-talk, and yoga. The tree pose in yoga will help bring in more solar energy into the crown chakra and even a simple touching the toes exercise will stimulate the solar plexus which may be impacted by this transit.

Avoid staying alone and get out with people which stimulates the Libra energy and that will help any isolation and depression. There are herbal formulas for depression like St John’s Wort and numerous Bach Flower remedies and these may be needed. However, just getting out and being with people can help most. Seek help from a professional if it gets severe. Get out and exercise and move, take a motorcycle ride in the wind (if the climate permits) to stimulate the air element. Avoid heavy foods like cheeses that clog the liver and weigh down the digestive system. Drink more raw juices and eat more salads to increase prana in the system if this works for your body type. In the winter, for extreme vata types, this will not work and will increase anxiety but in certain parts of the globe where it is summer and if you are a fiery individual, this may help.

Here are some reminders. So much suffering can be short-circuited if we are disciplined: So how do we deal with difficult transits and what can we do when karma comes back and either we or those around us are suffering?


  • This is a time to be disciplined about your meditation practice and yoga and other spiritual practices because these lighten the burden and give us more strength to deal with everything. The tendency is to skip that which is good for us when we are challenged but that’s like taking off a winter coat when it’s below zero. Hanuman Chalisa (on You Tube) can give your courage and energy to increase Mars energy and overcome Saturn.


  • Donate time and money to help those in need. This is one way to address karma and by getting out of our own stuff, we feel better and move through our own karma. On Saturdays, donate to the poor and homeless and to orphanages and to the blind.


  • Be disciplined with diet and exercise. The tendency is to use food to cover up difficult emotions or skip exercise because we feel tired or lazy. So much illness (6th house) can be overcome if we are disciplined doing what is good for us. Avoid addictive behaviors and non-life-supporting actions especially now. The tendency is to escape but usually this leads to more difficult problems quickly.


  • Spend time with spiritual knowledge, attend spiritual gatherings and hang around with positive people at this time. Avoid violent TV and film or ranting TV moderators.


  • Do transformational healing work to move through these energies and uncover why these patterns are up and how you can heal them.


  • Know this will all pass and that the planets are puppeteers pulling our strings. If we understand what is happening, we do not have to buy into it and beat ourselves up. It seems more difficult with Saturn until about Feb 4th and then it will lift as Saturn moves enough beyond Pluto to escape Pluto’s influence. Mercury will get out of Capricorn also by Jan. 30th but then moves into another Saturnian sign of Aquarius which I think is much better.

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