Mars and Venus engage in a planetary war between Feb. 11th and March 12th and in general because Venus is the brightest planet, she is often considered the winner in a planetary war but in general no one wins a planetary war.  This is a very unusual event as many Mars/Venus planetary wars only go on for a few days.  In general it can be a very passionate time but Mars may not be able to control his sexual energies and it may drain his fighting ability.  The more difficult part is that Mars gets more aggressive when he is losing and given that Joe Biden is ruled by Mars and we are waging a verbal war around Ukraine, this is not good.

At first Jupiter will tame Mars with the planetary war in Sagittarius until Feb. 25th but in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn it may get more contentious.  Mars in Capricorn, in the enemy’s camp, finds more power to fight when he is  in Capricorn. Mars and Venus stay paired up in Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius until Venus goes into Pisces on April 29th.

Bottomline: Learn to compromise in relationship and learn to say yes and do not stay stuck in your position around having to be right.  I would expect that divorce filings will increase strongly over the next month if your relationship is on the edge.  Find a good counselor and learn how to listen to the other’s point of view.  Unfortunately, with Putin and Biden, only Macron and the new Prime Minister of Germany, Olaf Scholz, are interested in preventing a world war.   I have not looked at the Russian or US charts closely enough to predict it, but let’s say that the planetary energies are intense particularly as Mars/Venus and Pluto are conjunct into March 3rd. 


The Sun goes  into Aquarius on Feb. 12th and stays there until March 14th.  The Sun is in the 7th position from Leo which is like sunset and is a weak place for it to be and because Aquarius is co-owned by Rahu and Saturn, it is not a favorite sign to be in.

Aquarius is a very innovative sign and this year the Sun with get the wisdom and grace of Jupiter and that will uplift the transit although Jupiter can become too optimistic as it gets combust by the Sun Feb. 18-March 18th.  Let’s hope that the Sun/Jupiter energies can provide the wisdom for good leadership as world leaders are being tested in Canada with Trudeau and the truckers protest and between Putin and Biden.

If you are Aquarius rising, Sun or Moon,  it is one of the more complex rising signs.  Ruled mainly by Rahu the North Node and Saturn, it is very connected to astrology, the occult sciences and healing and biomedical research and invention.  It is   is very connected to the occult forces ushering in new civilizations and new-thought currents.   The symbol for Aquarius is the pitcher which should be empty because Aquarius is an air sign.    Still Aquarians are highly spiritual people who need to turn to the Divine to ease their sorrows and if this happens, a lot of their heavy burdens are lightened.   By nature they are interested in liberation because Saturn owns the 1st and the 12th house.  Jupiter’s current transit in Aquarius until April 13th is uplifted and will support the spiritual energies.


The Saturn combustion ends on Feb. 22nd and that will take off some of the darker qualities of Saturn around health and grumbling and too much work but still Saturn is particularly brutal the last 10 degrees of the transit and will not let up on us that much.

While everything seems heavy with  Mercury in Capricorn until March 6th creating more pessimistic thinking, at least the Sun is leaving Capricorn on Feb. 12th  but still going to another Saturn ruled sign.  Mars and Venus will enter Capricorn on Feb. 26th and while Mars is exalted here and Venus is in a friend’s sign, it still a lot of Saturn energy and Mars loses the planetary war much of the time during the transit.  Saturn stays in Capricorn until April 29th. 


The Kala Sarpa Yoga in transit where all planets are hemmed in between Rahu and Ketu is ending for two weeks between Feb. 10-Feb. 23rd and maybe this will soften some of the world tensions but it does begin again Feb. 23-March 9th during that intense period when Venus/Mars/Pluto are conjunct on March 3rd.

JUPITER IN AQUARIUS until April 13th:    Last year we noted that Jupiter’s transit through Aquarius, the revolutionary sign and sign connected with freedom would incite more protests and outrage against Covid mandates and loss of world-wide freedoms.  The Canadian trucker’s protest in Ottawa is spreading to other capitals with plans for one in Australia, one happening in New Zealand, and plans for one in Brussels and one in Paris.    Let’s hope the power of Jupiter that stays in Aquarius until April 13th can continue to make a dent in the fight against the Globalist and power mongers of the world that want to take away basic human freedoms.  It does seem like the Covid  agenda is running out of steam as this is an election year and lock-downs and mandate an school masks are not popular with the voters and that whole agenda may need to be ditched by the politicians.  Spring weather and sunshine will naturally bring a temporary end and let’s hope that is the case.


Jupiter is combust from Feb 18t-March 19th.  Combustion is one of the biggest afflictions for planets that really is not talked about enough as combust planets are burnt up and their significations are hurt.  The Jupiter combustion creates false optimism, which can feel great, but then reality can set in after all the false hopes. Make practical decisions over the next few weeks and stay out of the Pisces cloud of optimism.   Because Jupiter has wisdom and does well in the philosophical sign of Aquarius, it may not be as difficult but watch judgment.

On an Ayurveda level,  Jupiter governs the liver and it may be afflicted these next few weeks so drink  fresh organic squeezed lemon in some hot water in the morning to get that liver moving. All forms of the twist in Hatha yoga support the liver and help squeeze out toxins. You may need to do the Cow face pose (Gomukhasana) to energize the liver over the next few weeks.

Be realistic and check your facts careful and lighten up on people if you are feeling heavy. The exact conjunction of Sun and Jupiter on March 5th  can be really powerful for the Sun and Jupiter as the Sun will take on all of Jupiter’s energy and feel uplifted by generosity, confidence and expansion and moves into the heart of God.   The good thing about the conjunction is that those ruled by the Sun are energized greatly by Jupiter’s exalted warmth and this may help leadership and self-confidence.


We are working on Part 2 and need to write about

Ketu in Vishakha Nakshatra Feb. 9-Sept 2022.

Saturn in Dhanishta Nakshatra:  Feb 18, 2022- March 15, 2023

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