Focus on Aquarius

Focus on Aquarius

Deep Suffering or Service to Humanity


  • Sun in Aquarius Feb. 12-March 14

  • Jupiter in Aquarius until April -April 13th

  • Saturn in Aquarius April 28-July 12 and Jan 17, 2023-

  • Mercury in Aquarius March 6-24th

  • Venus in Aquarius: March 31-April 27th

Aquarius is a sign of intense karma and suffering as it is co-ruled by Saturn and Rahu and often Rahu becomes the top dog between these two planets. The Aquarius nature is often sorrowful and miserable, but because of the influence of Rahu, it can also be filled with ambition. Saturn’s energy will tend to counter-balance with humility but can add self-esteem issues. Planets in Aquarius are tasked with discovering a new life and a new outlook for society. Aquarius is a fixed sign so it tends to be lazy, wanting to keep things as they are. Any planets in your Rashi or Varga charts connected to Aquarius can bring in karmic bitterness and pain.

Western astrologers may be correct in connecting the wild inventive energies of Uranus and technology with Rahu’s independent and rebellious energies. The nakshatras in Aquarius: Satabhishak (Aq 6.40-20.00) tend to excel in technology and biotechnology or Purvabhadra (Aq. 20-Pisces 3.20) can create great scientists.

Saturn is the co-owner of Aquarius and brings with it the 12th house energies of Capricorn. Thus it brings a fascination with death and the life-beyond and the quest for Moksha. On the darker side, it also brings humility and self-esteem problems and may be too concerned with helping others at the expense of taking care of the self. If you have a lot of Aquarius energy, you need to be cautious of doing too much service work. On the other hand, Aquarians, with their brilliant mind and gentle nature, are wonderful in philanthropic work and well-suited for serving humanity.

The Sanskrit name for Aquarius is Kumbha and this translates to the pitcher. The symbol of Aquarius is the man with the pitcher. The iconography is a bit puzzling since the pitcher of Aquarius has water flowing out of the container even though Aquarius is an air sign. On the level of esoteric astrology, Aquarius is connected to the Rishi Agastha who is symbolically holding his breath to usher in new civilizations and new philosophies.

Because Aquarius rising has the shortest rising period of all the rising signs of the zodiac, Aquarian rising people are rarer than most other signs, but yet they tend to make a larger impact on the world. Abraham Lincoln, Karl Marx, and J.P. Morgan are famous Aquarian souls.

The three nakshatras of this rising sign: Dhanishtha, Shatabhisha, and Purvabhadra are connected to Mars, Rahu, and Jupiter and thus connect Aquarius to material prosperity and healing. Saturn, as co-owner of the sign, brings in deep past life karma. Rahu gives the sign a revolutionary and inventive/creative energy in technology and medical research. Aquarians are major lovers of astronomy and astrology. The key to the sign for Aquarians is a need to open up to their spirituality to transcend the weighty, material energies that technology can bring.

If Saturn/Rahu is natally afflicted in the chart, we normally think of this rising sign as having self-esteem problems and not recognizing their talents. Aquarius ruled charts can be too unconventional and outspoken and have problems with routine. These charts can also be self-isolating and depressed and hide their misery behind a fake smile. The Achilles’ heel for this rising sign is the 6th house Lord, the moon. This can result in major problems around the mother and issues around food, nurturing, and the complexities of the mind. Sri Ramakrishna, a famous Aquarius rising saint, had obsessions with fasting and Mother Divine.

Aquarius rising tends to be independent and they do not seek advice. With all the readings I have done, I probably have only done two or three Aquarius rising charts. Aquarius dominated charts can have difficult relationships with their father. They can suffer from separation or a lack of love from their father. Aquarius dominated charts can show a lack of balance in life and this can make them fundamentalists about their causes.

Aquarius has a neutral relationship with Jupiter who owns the 2nd and 11th house and bestows money. Jupiter can give wealth, but wealth does not satisfy them. Aquarius has a difficult relationship with Mars because it owns the 3rd and 10th houses and with the moon which owns the 6th house. The Moon in this chart offers the most challenges. Sun [the 7th house ruler] is an enemy to Saturn and therefore there are many relationship lessons to be learned from marriage or partnerships. Venus is the Rajayogakaraka planet for Aquarius and can give success. Mercury is usually neutral to this chart as it rules the 5th house and the 8th houses. Since Mercury rules the 8th house, its mooltrikona sign, Mercury will give a greater effect of the 8th house matters than of 5th house matters. Jupiter, Sun, Mars are the Maraka planets and can cause death or illness when the native is not in a death or maraka period.

The Badhaka sign for Aquarius is Libra, and Venus is the badhaka planet for Aquarius rising charts. Venus will bring material blessings but can create psychological challenges with relationships and marriage. A key to Aquarius is that they must regularly tithe their gains to overcome material pleasure and not get caught in sexual or sensual addictions. Badhaka Venus is only a real problem if 2 or more malefics are aspecting or impacting Libra or Venus. With Venus being so key to Aquarius’ rising chart, these natives have to balance love of material comforts and pleasure with philanthropic work. Being surrounded by art, culture, and music can feed their souls and the key is to balance humanitarian needs with sensual pleasures.

Aquarians and the Sun have a neutral relationship. With Leo connected to the 7th house, they tend to draw confidence by a co-dependent relationship with a partner as Aquarius rising is often humble and lacking confidence. This is particularly true if the Sun is in Libra where they may be too absorbed in relationships or with their Guru. Sun in Aries can inspire them to higher philanthropic and humanitarian activities and their spouse can then support them. Aquarians must stay away from the tempting energies of Venus and too much sexual activity which may pull them from their higher causes.

Aquarians have a troubled relationship with the moon and frequently have major issues with the mother as the moon rules the 6th house of the enemy. However, the Moon can give them deep empathy to do service work for humanity and support the lower classes. If the moon is in Taurus, Aquarians can have a huge heart that moves into deep emotional fights to serve humanity. In contrast, the moon in Scorpio can lead to depression and frustration with martyrdom.

Mars and Saturn can also be difficult planets with Aquarius rising charts. If Mars is strong in the chart, Aquarians can find a lot of gusto and bravado to move into revolutionary causes to serve their causes. Any affliction to Mars and they may be prone to being reckless. If Mars is weak in the chart [as in the sign of Cancer] they may have health problems or lack the courage to move into battle for their cause. A weak Mars can also cause an Aquarian to question or deny their strength. Mars does not bring peace to Aquarians and Aquarians will not face a smooth life if Mars is afflicted since it can bring down the natural service energies of this sign. This can lead to frustration and quarrels and we know how difficult a frustrated militant Aquarian can be when he fails to change society based on his vision.

With Mercury owning the 5th and 8th houses, Aquarians are naturally prone to philosophical, scientific, and astrological inquiries into the nature of the universe. Aquarians need to use their passion for the 5th house and Gemini energies to find a profession that uses their intelligence and deep desire to understand the mysteries of the universe.

Each sign has a bright side and a shadow sign. Aquarian can be a sign of spiritual significance and many great leaders are born under this sign. However, if Rahu and Saturn are afflicted in an Aquarius dominated chart it can create deep suffering and frustration in life. For Aquarians to succeed, they need to serve humanity and let the water flow out of the pitcher to benefit mankind.

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