I do not have that much time to do mundane astrology anymore but people are on edge with Putin and Ukraine and China and Taiwan.    The good news is that you can sense that the Covid mess is starting to get some closure and some countries around the world like Denmark and Sweden are taking it off the emergency list. and the CDC got rid of mask mandates.    Spring and summer in the Northern Hemisphere will naturally bring down numbers and fears an herd immunity is starting to happen.

So what’s next?  There is an 80 year World War cycle that goes back to Sept. 1939 last and it started to kick in with the Covid Crisis and now it seems like it is accelerating with geo-political tensions.  The Ukraine invasion by Russia is just the start of something bigger  and based on Ukraine’s chart (August 24, 1991, 17:31, Kiev) will will first culminate around April 1th-4th when Mars and Saturn are conjunct on their natal moon.   I suspect that Putin will put his own Presidential puppet in power.  We are starting to get wild statements from him challenging Finland and Sweden not to join NATO and this is particularly because he wants to keep missile silos far from his borders.  Still there is a lot of irrational fear happening and fears about the war spreading to other parts of Europe may be founded as this event will probably continue to snowball over the coming years. The Ukraine mess may not have any real closure until May 2023. As always, the media does not paint a complete picture as there are always two sides to everything.

On August 1st we have the Mars/Rahu/Uranus conjunction at 24 degrees Aries closing in on his natal Jupiter in Putin’s  7th house of enemies so a more consorted effort to stop him may be felt as we move into that time window but when you threaten a mother bear and her cubs, you had better be ready to fight.  You can tell that Cyber  attacks on the US and Europe will be coming and they will blame Russia and who really knows in our crazy political world.

We are already having trouble with supply chains, inflation and crop problems and it is not going to get better quickly.  Russia imports a huge amount of fertilizer to the West but will they continue to do so when threatened?   Jupiter and Neptune in the water signs of Pisces tend to create floody years and so plantings will be delayed in many places around the world. Grain prices have exploded already and we have not hit spring and summer weather problems.  No, inflation is not going to go away easily with Jupiter and Neptune together in Pisces for 13 months.   By next year metals will really start going taking off like they did in 1979-80.

If you have not been inspired to get an electric car or hybrid to save the planet, continued higher gas prices will probably inspire you as crude oil projects 150/barrel or and probably not go much below 80.00 if we get a correction.   Unfortunately prices of these vehicles have skyrocketed and they cannot mine enough rare earth elements and lithium to make enough batteries to convert the world.   These are great ideals  but are probably not realistic. Europe has finally decided that nuclear power and natural gas are green enough for their guidelines as they have realized that solar and wind power will not create enough energy to take care of people’s needs. Now with the potential loss of Russian energy, they have to plan carefully.

When we look at the annual chart for Canada and Trudeau’s chart, we do not sense it will make it another year. His true colors have come out recently in the trucker’s peaceful protest and declaring them terrorists and freezing their bank accounts is a quick reminder how friendly our government leaders are about taking away our money if we do not obey their commands.   We thought cryptos were the answer but Trudeau froze those account also and how useful is virtual money if the internet and the clouds go down in a “cyber-attack.”

If you have not figured it out yet, you need to be as self-sufficient as possible with kitchen green houses, expanding your  garden, have convertible currencies like real silver coins and gold jewelry and owing your property out-right so that you are not subject to crazy fluctuations in interest rates or the money supply.

We are completing a number of bubbles in the housing industry, the stock market, the technology sector and that which has worked for a while will suddenly not work.  You are going to have to get savvy and research alternative investments to stay on top of the curve and fight inflation.

It would appear that Joe Biden will not it through the year as President and either a health concern or a cognitive test will knock him out and VP Harris has good signatures for a job advance.

As we have discussed before the Pluto return for the US hits in 2023 and 2024 at about 6 degrees Capricorn but it is being felt. This is a change of civilization transit for the US. Clearly China wants to take over the world leadership position and being in a Mercury period with Mercury exalted in the 9th house, they should easily be able to do so. China and Xi’s charts are not perfect enough in his attempt to exert his influence on the world and not sure that the world is ready for totalitarian conquests by communists.  By 2025, something will stop his plans.

There are forces on the planet also trying to prevent the world from blowing up and create a golden age. There is a huge battle between good and evil and sometimes those not ready for higher consciousness have to continue their fights on other astral hells.  There is not such thing as death–just continued evolution. Do  your best to carry the light and spread it our planet needs it greatly at this time.

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Special thanks to Joni Patry for some of her insights on Russia and Ukraine. I will spend more time on world affairs and report later.







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