The New Year in Vedic Astrology Starts April 01, 2022 and goes to March 21, 2023.

Whereas Western culture delights in January New Year predictions, the Vedic New Year calendar is often run from the new Moon in the spring after the spring solstice for the capital city of a country. Because the rules for this chart and the New Moon happening on a Thursday,  the ruler of the New Year is assigned to be JUPITER  this year for the US and to Venus for Europe and Asia.   The chart is cast by the capital city of your country for the new moon and predictions for the New Year are made accordingly. So, the US new Moon is at 2:24 am EDT in Washington, DC.

The Year of Shubakrita started on  Friday in the early hours in the US but on Saturday for many European and Asian counties based on the sunrise and connection to the lunar day.     In Sanskrit Shubakritat” means fortunate for the inhabitants of the Universe.   For people born during this year, the Vedic texts imply that  meaning of term ‘Shubhakriti’ is an auspicious composition. Those born this year are said to be  becoming learned, a king, a man of virtue and endowed with learning and education. With Jupiter going into Pisces we could immediately be more optimistic about the coming year but we also know how troubled our world is.

My colleague, Juliana Swanson of Astral Harmony notes:

The new group of five years spans from 2022-2027. It is considered less difficult than the previous period as it is ruled by the auspicious universal gods known as the Vishvedevas (Vishwadevas), who are the ten sons of Dharma and Vishva (Daksha’s daughter). Known as the “All Gods,” they are extolled in the Rig Veda and represent beneficial archetypal principles like truth, abundance, joy, will-power, kindness, and forbearance.

In this new five-year period, the first year is called Shubhakrita (2022-23); the second is Sobhakṛit (Shobakrit); the third is Krodhi; and the remaining two years are known as Visvavasu and Parabhava. According to Sage Varahamahira in Brihat Samhita, during the first two years, humankind will be happy; during the third they will feel exceedingly miserable; and during the last two years they will be neither happy nor miserable; but in the last year there will be turmoil, violence/war, and disease.

In this chart Jupiter goes to the 3rd house with Venus for Sagittarius rising for the US and Jupiter is strong in its own constellation of Purvabhadrapada.     Jupiter is considered Marana Karkaka Sthana for the 3rd house which it means it has low ethical values and being in the constellation connected to secret societies and the deep state, it appears more business as usual for the US.   The President, represented by the 10th house lord is debilitated in Pisces with the new moon being a perfect emblem of our confused President who is being set up for a fall  as Mercury is conjunct the 8th lord.  It appears that thee Hunter Biden laptop scandal that is now mainsteam on CNN and the Washington Post is a sign that the media a ready to dump on Biden.   This may culminate this summer in early August with Biden’s chart lord Mars conjunct Rahu and Uranus in Aries, the 6th house of enemies.  We had sensed that he would not make it through this year and that means Kamala Harris will become President.

Mars and Saturn are conjunct in Capricorn in the US 2nd house suggesting a lot of tension around the US finances and that is something easy to predict with the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction continuing to spur inflation and leading to interest rate hikes.   We see inflation peaking in April 2024 so we have a long ways to go before the bubble bursts.  We may have time later to write a more detailed analysis of the New Year chart. We are having trouble printing it to our blog.


In the Vedic calendar, there is a deity or God that governs each year and they rotate each year for 60 years which are connected to the Jupiter and Saturn returns.  That suggests that just like last time when Jupiter was in Aquarius/Posces   and Saturn in Capricorn  in 1961-2 and 1901-2.  Still Jupiter did not go into Aquarius until Feb. 24, 1962 and not until Jan 19, 1903.  In 1902, Jupiter was solidly in Capricorn.  It may be that 1903 is a comparable year.  In quickly looking at 1962, the month of June was mess with three major airline crashes in 1 month.

According to Neelam of Astrobytes:

“Samvatsara’ roughly means the period of one full year. The time in which the Planet Jupiter with his average speed crosses the journey of one sign is referred to as ‘Samvatsara’. There occur twelve (12) Samvatsaras when Jupiter completes one complete round of the Zodiac. While moving in the Zodiac, Jupiter happens to reach sometimes near the Earth and sometimes far away from it. Besides, it also comes in contact with auspicious or inauspicious rays during its journey.

It is because of this fact that the effects of every ‘Samvatsara’ become different. Sixty Samvatsaras repeat again and again in a cycle. At the beginning of creation Jupiter and Saturn were on the zero degree of Aries. The average daily motion of Saturn is two (2) Kalas (minutes). Therefore, it takes full thirty (30) years in revolving around the Zodiac. The average daily motion of Jupiter is five (5) Kalas, (minutes). Therefore, it takes full twelve (12) years in completing its journey in the twelve (12) signs of the Zodiac.

Hence, we are going to have influence like we had in 1962-63 and  1902-1903.

Here is what the Vedic texts say if you were born this year, which last was seen between APRIL 1962-63

SHOBHA-KRITA: The native who is born in the ‘Samvatsara’ of ‘Shobhakrita’ makes progress in every field. He is handsome looking, has excellent virtues, is kind-hearted, and doer of good deeds. Specially he gets victory or success in the battle of life. He is endowed with brilliance, courtesy or humility, has beautiful eyes and is skilful.

Notes: This ‘Samvatsara’ is known as ‘Shobhana’ also. The meaning of the words ‘Shobhana’ and ‘Shobhakrita’ is the same, because the meaning of both is beautiful, excellent and auspicious. The words beauty and brilliance are synonyms of it. The author of ‘Jataka Parijata’ uses the word ‘Shubhakriti’ instead of ‘Shobhakrita.The meaning of term ‘Shubhakriti’ is an auspicious composition. Here also its effects are said to be of becoming learned, a king, a man of virtue and endowed with learning and education.

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