Tuesday, May 3rd  until 21:04  Eastern Daylight time during the 3rd lord day, is auspicious because the exalted Sun and the exalted Sun are occurring on the same day.   It is known as a special holiday of Akshaya Tritiya.  It is traditionally a time to give to charity as the benefits will be multiplied.  It is a day for starting new projects that you want to see come to fruition and you do not need a special time of day as you usually do during a Muhurtha or election day.   I

It is also a good day to reach down deep into your pockets and donate.  The key to increasing prosperity in your chart is always tithing and giving back to the universe. I learned this from my Dad when I was very young. We did not have very much but he always was giving to others in need and we always had great abundance because of it.

The nature of the universe is such that it is made up of consciousness. You can donate to a current cause and impact your life directly and change the planetary frequencies of that which is blocking you.  A good astrologer can see the actions that are misaligned from the past and then prescribe donations. So for example, if you have Venus afflicted by Mars or Rahu, you may have been abusive to women in past lives and so donating to a battered woman’s shelter on a Friday or supporting single mothers raise their children. On a karmic level, if you symbolically address the past karma, it can free stuff up and it is a way of saying you are sorry and making an impact on cleaning up your past.

Donations are done on the significance of a planet. If you have caused some suffering in the past, then you have to directly help those who are suffering to remedy the situation.   If you have trouble with your children or conceiving or have issues carrying a child during pregnancy, you may have not been a good parent in the past and if you donate to children’s organization and help children financially, then you are supporting your afflicted Jupiter.

Here is a list of possible planetary connections to donation sites.  So if the planet is afflicted in your and causing problems or if the problem is very directly related to money charts in your chart like 2nd house, and 11th house and even other money houses like 5th and 9th, then you may need to make donations to release the karma.

So if the problem planet is:

SUN:  Paying others’ medical bills;  donations to a temple; donations to bird protection organizations and those that protect large lions.

MOON: Helping your mother or women who care for children; donating to battered women or single mothers; helping those with depression or other mental disturbances; donating to water life protection.

MARS:  Donating to brothers, veterans, the police, public safety, burn victims or fire victims, helping those going through a divorce; helping those needing legal defense; donating to public land or parks.

MERCURY; Helping cousins,, aunts, uncles, and students; donations to schools, donations to books and other learning materials, paying for a poor child for school; donating to canine protection.

JUPITER:  Helping husbands, Gurus, priests; adopting a child; donations to teachers,  humanitarian work; helping elephants and whales.

VENUS:  Donating to battered wives or other groups; helping women get out of the sex industry; helping individuals get married; supporting the arts or horses.

SATURN: Helping employees, working classes, unions, elderly, sick, handicapped, the poor and homeless, and reptile reproduction.

RAHU:  Environmental protection, rehab, drug rehab; fighting fraud; cheating, and pollution.

KETU: Donations to monks, nuns, ashrams, spiritual healers, yoga organizations, curing viral disease, breaking conspiracies, and supporting fish and amphibians

Usually, you would choose the day of the week that the planet rules (ie Monday/Moon, Tuesday/Mars etc) to have the most powerful effect. It is thought that donating 3% of your monthly income is a good amount and that if take that amount and divide it into 4 portions for the month and give weekly, then you will have the max. impact.

I would also look for reputable charities as recent scandals show charities like the Red Cross only using 50% of the money that you donate for the actual cause.  If you are very short of money, then better yet, do volunteer work for those organizations to personally mitigate the karma.


So you can get very creative with it and donating is always fun and releases karma.  If you are in a difficult Dasha or sub-period, then donating to the Dasha or sub-lord chart will probably be helpful if it is causing the theme of the problem.

Special thanks to my Jyotish Gurus and especially to Sanjay Rath and Freedom Cole for their insights into this vast field.




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