Mars went  into its friend’s house on May 17th, Pisces.   The transit is unafflicted except for the conjunction with Neptune which happened on May 18th and which will not be impacted by Neptune after  May 25th.   Jupiter in Pisces is supporting it greatly  into the conjunction on May 29th but that has some negative implications around finances.

Capricorn, Libra and Taurus rising or moon signs  actually may benefit most as the transit in Pisces because the  3, 6 and 11th house transit from the moon or the rising signs is considered beneficial but it is always dependent on the dasha you are running and how many bindu points you have in Pisces for the planet.   Pisces and Virgo rising   will also be affected most by relationship and sexual tensions issues.  Also as  this is a 12th house transit for Aries, it is a good time for spiritual pilgrimages and trips to foreign counties and a visit to the Ashram.    Watch expenditures if you are Aries rising during this time and be prepared for setbacks.

Mars goes into Saturn’s constellation of Uttarabhadrapada (Pisces 3.20-16.40) on May 21st  and it  comprises two bright stars in Pegasus and Andromeda.  Mars is a less afflicted than it has been in Aquarius by Saturn  but it will still be channeling Saturn’s energy until June 8th and because Saturn is still weak in early degrees in Aquarius until May 26th, there  can be some   frustration and bubbling anger.

Jupiter the depositor for Mars is very strong and will support Mars and this combination is particularly good for Pisces Rising as Mars is the 9th lord promoting spiritual pilgrimages and new spiritual adventures.

Ironically, Jupiter can negatively impact Mars.  The transit around the conjunction into May 29th , a week before and after,  can infleunce Mars in a more negative way with false optimism creating more reckless behavior around finances overspending or staggering expansive energy without careful thought. If you are ruled by Mars, make sure to not be reckless and make clear decisions based on facts and figures.

The constellation of Uttarbhadrapada means “lucky feet and is connected to the funeral cot which denotes the exit from world and becomes connected with the wisdom of the 12th sign of the zodiac and its connection to Moksha or liberation but also to sleep.  The deity of this constellation is Ahir Bhudhanya, which translates to the “serpent of the depths” and is a fertility deity  but also a kind of monster from the sea much like Neptune and is connected to the underworld.  Connected to Shiv, it destroys ignorance to prepare us to dissolve.

The energy of this constellation is that of the wise old man and it is connected to the planet Saturn and it never acts hastily but with Saturn weak in transit, we wonder if its more anxious nature will come out and create more anxiety and indecision with Mars in transit through June 6th. .  Still the whole transit of Mars in Pisces carries the influence of Jupiter and has a calming and serene and compassionate nature that will calm Mars’ fire.

The constellation of Pegasus, as it know by the West,  is connected to responsibility but will it have trouble since Saturn is having trouble in transit until May 26th.    Ironically this constellation is usually fortunate for making and handling money-so it may counteract some of the Mars/Jupiter associations which lead to overspending and recklessness in finances .  On an esoteric level, it is connected to the crown chakra and represents the end of the journey of the kundalini energy moving toward liberation so one would think that it will promote meditation and calm Mars’ restless fire.

Mars moves into the constellation of Revati Pisces 16.40-29.59  (June 6-26th) ruled by Mercury and connected to Pushan, the god that takes us to the beyond. Overall, we alway like the calming energy of Pisces and Jupiter and its influence on Mars to call the hot-headed and impulsive dark side of Mars and this transit is welcome.


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