Mars takes two years to go through the zodiac and is conjunct Uranus every 2 years approximately. Because Mars was Retograde in 2020, we last saw this conjunction Jan. 21, 2021. The last time it was with Rahu also was in 1855 when there was a huge election dispute in Kansas regarding whether Kansas would enter the union as a slave or free state. 

If you have this conjunction in your natal chart within 2 degrees you are subject to sudden upsets, rash behavior and unexpected incidents. Accidents, fires and explosions could pop up if there are no benefic aspects to protect.  The transit may lead to a sudden desire to assert your freedom and break free. This could manifest in disrespecting your partner’s or boss’s wishes. It can cause problems with authority figures and bosses and could lead to explosive rioting around government and political tyranny as we have seen recently in Panama and Sri Lanka. 

Accidents can arise out of carelessness so watch where you are going and watch out for the other guy.  Be careful with dangerous tools and find a channel for anger and resentment so it does not explode.  If you have key planets like Mars, Rahu or Saturn or Ketu at the 22-26 degree area of Aries or Libra,  you may have more of a trigger happening and people in Mars or Rahu  periods will be more impacted.

On the positive side, Uranus can spur genius and invention and Mars may light a spark for technological innovation.  Sometimes its important to assert our independence and that can be a good thing. 

On the level of Mundane astrology, Mars/Uranus can trigger earthquakes and volcanoes and explosions. Let’s hope there are no surprise military attacks that come out of this but we are in a war in Ukraine and China is not happy with Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan.   In the past the stock market has liked this aspect and it may bring a temporary high to the current rally.

The good news is that the orb or influence is short between Saturday and Wednesday, August 3rd.  Calm your fire with coconut water, cooling foods and swimming and stay out of the heat.



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