We have an unusual number of planets in transition.  Saturn is finally moving away from the difficult last degree of Capricorn after today.  We also have Rahu moving closer to Mars and Uranus into August 1-6th which can lead to bursts of anger, wild swings of energy and may assorted additional messes as we expect volcanic and earthquake activity will increase dramatically as well as rioting.   Mercury is opposing Saturn between Cancer and Capricorn and Mercury is in the difficult final degree of Cancer which is the gandanta which can bring up more emotional catharsis to heal.  Communications get misunderstood and lead to disputes and mental over-processing.

  Holding down the fort is Jupiter stationing and going retrograde at 14 degrees Pisces today on July 28th  and aspecting Cancer and Scorpio and Jupiter has an exact trine to the Sun into July 31st increasing optimism and expansion.  If you are ruled by Leo or Pisces or Sagittarius you are probably having a better time than if you are ruled by Mars or Mercury but we all have every planet connected to something inside of us. 


The transition points between the water and the fire signs between 27-3 degrees Cancer and Leo are difficult emotional trigger points for planets  in the zodiac for planets. Mercury is in Pisces navamsha and hence is more emotional and spiritual and cannot draw on its intellectual nature to figure out how to make the transition into the material realm, represented by the more material nakshatras starting in Leo and ending in Scorpio.

These first few weeks are important to stay on top of meditation,  yoga and spiritual practice otherwise these fears will take over and make you unsettled.  Stay out of addictive behavior like binging on Netflix to soothe the emotions, staying up too late,  overeating sweets or other addictive behaviors. You are safe.  God is running the show and no matter what the media tries to do make you feel anxious, come back to your Divine self.

I’ll leave you with a quote from one of my favorite books:

I always am inspired by this quote from my favorite book:

Emmanuel’s Book: A Guide to Living in the Cosmos.


Fear of the unknown is forgetfulness.

There is no such thing

as the “unknown”

to the soul.

There is a natural fear and resistance

when one does not recall

one’s own Divinity.

You are safe. You are safe.

You are infinitely safe.

Oh, my dears,

if I could only make it possible

for you to experience the loving, gentle kindness

of the universe,

the balance, the fairness,

the sweetness and the joy.

there would never be another moment of fear

in your entire lives

And that is true. 

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