Mars transits into Taurus on August 10th and spends an unusual 8 months in the sign except for a month and brief journey  into Gemini Oct 15-Nov. 13 as it goes retrograde on Oct. 30th-Jan 12th starting from1 degree Gemini and back to 13 degrees Taurus. 

The  first few days of the transition around August 9-11 area bit wobbly as it gets ready to change signs and this can hurt risk-taking and increase problems with aggression and certainly more  global saber-rattling  is a possible vulnerable time.  

  Mars in Taurus is charming and gets afflicted by sexual energies and may go off its dutiful path. I find Mars in Taurus is more obsessed with appearance and looking good and may lead to body-building and weight loss  to overcome any self-esteem issues that are up.   Rahu afflicts Mars with a 30 degree aspect from Aries the entire transit so it may continue some of the odd energies of the Mars/Rahu conjunction that were peaking the week of August 1-6th.     The transit promotes great relationship energy and fun and affection and love sports and amusement. You could also  have good sales talent with persuasive and nurturing energies. The transit will highlight some of these qualities.

Mars will benefit its own sign of Scorpio mostly by a 7th house aspect  but this can be a blind spots and all planets are weak 7th  houses from their homes.  The 8th house aspect to Jupiter’s sign will also increase aggression for that already bellicose sign of Sagittarius, which is the ascendant of the US, so the exact aspect of Mars to the US ascendant around April 1st may increase aggression by the US or from its enemies with Taurus being the US’s sixth house. If you are Taurus rising, you might find yourself in more heated battles in relationship, but Venus will be still strong in Cancer and Leo in August and September so it is Venus in Virgo between Sept. 24-Oct. 18th that will hurt Mars the most during that time.

We have talked about Mars in Krittika (Aries 26.40-Taurus 10.00) which is known as the Pleiades by Western astronomers.   That runs August 5-28th and increases pitta and fire energy for confidence and strength in competition but also can foster more aggression,  The more difficult part of the transit is in Rohini (Taurus 10.00-23.20) (known as Aldebaran by Western astronomers) which is owned by the moon. Mars will transit through this section of the sky, August 28-Sept 24th  and it will bring up struggles with security issues, passions, getting caught up in luxuries or body building and these may weaken the warrior energy of Mars who is built for service and protection. If you are Aries or Scorpio rising, you have to curb your sensual and addictive tendencies or lose some strength.

Mars is debilitated in the sign of Cancer and it seems that being in the Moon’s nakshatra or Rohini then is not a great thing particularly Sept 17-25th when it is debilitated in the D-9 section of sign.   Sun in Leo, August 17-Sept. 16th will support Mars and leadership and courage during the first part of the transit August 17-28th.

Mars goes into the constellation of Mrigashira  Sept. 25-Dec. 4th  (Taurus 23.20-Gemini 6.40) and this is its own star and known as Orion by Western astronomers and this part of the sky should be stronger for spiritual questing and service work. 

Certain rising signs will have more difficulty with this transit. For Scorpio rising or moon  it may bring up more problems in relationship and with business partners if you are not willing to let go of your stance and want to stay in control so be more flexible.  For Aries rising or moon  it is a 2nd house transit bring up issues around money and family and eating habits and may lead to more aggressive speech or issues with your mouth or teeth. Watch out for get rich quick schemes, gambling and vices around overeating or drinking. 

For Taurus rising or moon  it may excite passions or aggressive energies or create problems with getting over-heated to make sure to reduce pitta and heat with swimming and staying away from spicy foods.  On the positive side it may give you more drive and energy to get things done but you may bowl over people in the process with your aggression and so watch your temper and stay focused to avoid accidents.

For Libra rising or moon it is an 8th house transit that may bring up more need to take care of unexpected health issues.  You have to deal with your irritability and have to be careful of others wrongly accusing you. You may be more interested in esoteric studies and research and meditation on the positive side. 

For Gemini Rising or Moon it is a 12th house transit and it will be important to curb expenditures and deal with subconscious emotions that you cannot get a handle on. Stay on top of your health and get more involved in meditation and be patient with rushed relationships and sexual encounters. Do more service work.

For Virgo Rising or Moon it is a 9th house transit it may support luck and spiritual work and foreign travel .  Be careful and avoid being unethical behavior and fighting with your father or spiritual mentor. 

Mars does well with 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th house transits from the Moon or Ascendant so Cancer, Leo, Pisces and Sagittarius rising or moon will do the best with the transit while Capricorn and Aquarius will be more challenged. 

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