Sept is one of the better months of the year with the Sun in it’s sign of Leo until Sept. 16th although Virgos and Aquarius rising may not appreciate it as much and it is stronger natural malefic in its sign so it can bring ayurvedic pitta or fire imbalances and there can be too much fire and power and ego for some but we still always see it as a plus. 

Mercury goes retrograde Sept 9-Oct 2nd in its own sign of Virgo and for Gemini and Virgo rising it can increase health and create more of the intuitive side of Virgo in its “knowingness.”   Mercury is not afflicted by malefic and even the debilitated Venus conjunction with it Sept 24-Oct. 18th will increase creativity for writing and music so it should not be a difficult retrograde.

Mars spends the month in Taurus and is in the difficult constellation of Rohini (Taurus 10-23.20) which is owned by the moon. Mars may be too passionate, inclined to look good, into body-building and luxury in this constellation and it may detract Mars from its celibate and service orientation as a warrior.  It moves into Mrigashira (Taurus 23.20-Gemini 6.40) from Sept. 24th through Dec . 12th where its spiritual seeking energies are enkindled in this constellation which is know as Orion in the West.  Mars may be more passive in this constellation and calm its fire.  Mars is still afflicted by the 30-degree aspect from Rahu in Aries and this still enkindles too much dare-devil and adventure energy so be careful on the road and watch your ego which may get too caught up in itself.

The elephant in the room is still Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn which does not go direct until Oct. 22nd.  Retrograde Saturn is more malefic and is causing more suffering and anxiety and its 240-degree square to Ketu in Libra is still close enough to be bothersome for things falling apart but it can foster deep spirituality and meditation if you move in that direction. Libra rising is feeling this energy the most.  Saturn retrograde in Capricorn may move you to work too hard and its connection to Pluto again is more movement toward government control and that is more evident in Europe where strict energy conservation laws are being imposed.  The US may be spared with Midterm elections coming up and given what we went through with Covid, we all welcome a bit more freedom.

Jupiter is happier being retrograde in Pisces and holds up our optimism and maybe a bit of spiritual fantasy and experience and it stays retrograde until Nov. 23rd and is stronger and more benefic in its retrograde nature.

Venus moves into Virgo Sept 24-Oct 18th where deflationary energy emerges and sexual energy increases and relationship friction increases.

Rahu is still a bit too close to Uranus through the end of the year and on the positive side this increase in technological innovation, still increases our anxiety about X-events in our troubled world.  

In terms of Mundane astrology, Sept. often seems to be a month for major world events—particularly in the Middle East.  Will the US renew the Iranian nuclear deal or will the Israelis sabotage it? 

We always are concerned about the world.  Hurricane season starts officially in October and planets going through the constellation of Swati connected to Vayu and the god of winds always churn up some drama.  Sun is in Swati, Oct. 24-Nov. 7th.  Venus is in Swati, Oct 23-Nov. 5th.   Mercury is in Swati, Oct 30-Nov. 7th  and Ketu go into Swati Sept. 24-July 6th in the true node system and Oct. 18th in the mean node system. 

I have tended to move away from political predictions because it tends to make people too divided and our country is already more divided.  I also have moved away from sensational fear prediction as we get too much of that from the daily news.  We have to trust that the Divine is guiding us even if there is some chaos created in the world at times.

  When I grew up, we accepted other people’s opinions and beliefs even if we disagreed. Now people are ready to un-friend you if they disagree and never talk to each other. Given the challenges in our world around food, energy, and weather, we need to come together more than ever and help everyone in need. Donate to your favorite charities. Food inflation in 3rd world countries is leading to major starvation problems and even the Brits have to deal with soaring electric and gas bills and cut back on their food budget.    Deflation cycles for the US are happening through late Nov. or December before prices start going up again next year and into April 2024.  Some hope for gas prices as crude is due to peak in mid-September and then be lower into the end of the year.

Have a great month.


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