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After Labor Day, as we start moving into fall, we all start to think of saving and investing for the winter. It’s a bit like the squirrels starting to gather their nuts to make it through the winter.  In Europe, they are already lining up for days in Poland to buy coal for the winter and stocking firewood and Europe is very worried about natural gas supplies and soaring electrical rates.

We applaud the tax credits for electric vehicles but how many of us can afford them?  Electric vehicles are a bit of a scam on some level due to battery replacement costs and many other factors.  They are wonderful and at the same time the electricity to charge them has to come from somewhere and the replacement batteries are a small fortune.  When you look into the Green Deal, you see that China benefits the most controlling over 60-65 % of solar panel production and Lithium batteries.  

  Recently this summer when the Texas heat wave hit, Tesla customers were notified that charging stations might not be working as energy had to be channeled to keep customers cool.  Are we going to have enough solar panels to charge our vehicles?   The dream and reality here are a bit askew.  If you want to see where we are headed, look at Europe which started phasing out nuclear power, and now with the loss of Russian gas, they are facing a 20% deficiency for winter heating in natural gas.

At the moment, the Federal Reserve will again raise rates on Sept. 21st and the feeling is for another 50 or .75 bps.  Their goal is to get up to 3.75% next year and many think they will need to get up to 5.00%.  With Neptune in Pisces, inflation is not going to go away and we have an inflation cycle high into April 2024.  The CRB index which measures a basket of commodities from grains to copper to energy is projecting 400 before it’s done but the good news is that patterns suggest it should pull back to 225 this fall.   Gasoline demand is often lower in October/November and often gasoline prices fall into that time window.  Crude oil could fall to 60.00/ barrel after a rally in September and that may create a wave of hope going into the Mid-term elections.  This will be short-lived as crude oil should get over 200/barrels into 2024.



 The stock market turned back down on Jerome Powell’s comments that consumers would have a lot of pain and the stock market should make a low by Sept. 2nd  with Venus having a quincunx (210 degrees)  aspect to Pluto and Mercury opposing Jupiter into the 2nd.    The first two weeks of September look like we will have a stock market recovery into Sept. 15th close to the Sun/Neptune opposition.  At the moment, we think that the high that we put in during August may not get taken out and that will leave the S & P 500 cash vulnerable to fall into the fall to 3233 next. 

 With Venus going into Virgo Sept. 24-Oct. 18th and then the Sun hitting the max. debilitation into Oct. 25th into the Oct. 25 solar eclipse, we expect that prices will start down again.  The market may go sideways into the election which is happening on Total Solar Eclipse at 23 degrees Aries near Uranus and when the Sun is conjunct Mercury creating more election chaos during a week when Saturn is squaring a debilitated Sun in Libra into Nov. 11th.

Still, we are thinking that the S & P 500 will at least go to 3250 by the end of the year and  NQ 100 at least fall to 11300.   Only a  mess in Europe with potential Nato/Russia conflict into January might lead to European money fleeing into the US stock market early next year. Still, the bear market for stocks will not be over until Nov 2023.   Still, the Jupiter/Rahu conjunction into late May 2023, may create a nice recovery rally. 

In the end, the US is the center of the world and will be the last to fall even if China and Russia, and the BRICS are closer to creating a new monetary system.  Europe has a good chance of going to war with Russia by early January and that might save the US market for a bit as European money pours into the US in the first quarter. 

We look at cycles into 2023 and we are probably looking at a major cycle low into late Oct. 2023 with a secondary low into late Nov. 2023.    Should be thinking 1775 on the S & P by then?   The good news is there seems to be a recovery into Dec. 2024  and into January 2026 from there. Is that the point that NATO is at war with Russia and European money pours into the US as it did in World Wars 1 and 2?   If the bull market somehow manages to come back there is a cycle high into  January 2026 but so many x-factors with the Great Reset are in the works.

LOOKING INTO 2024 and Beyond:  Not sure what will happen to push stocks up in the year 2024.  Will they be so beaten up or will European money pour into the US as it did in WW1 and WW2 because they are in much worse shape?      Still, April/May 2024  is a very critical point for the US and its history.  Will the US break into regions if its leadership continues to falter and push the Green agenda and socialism?   Unfortunately, the world socialist/communist agenda cycles continue into 2028.   Saturn in Pisces and Saturn and Aries will support this agenda.   For some reason, it looks like stocks will be up 2024-26.   Will there be anyone to stop Soros and the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization which are still in power control mode with Saturn moving retrograde to Pluto in Capricorn.



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GOLD:   The ancient text, the Brihat Samhita tells us to buy gold when the Sun goes into Leo and that seasonal tendency usually works August 16-Sept. 16th.

Gold is struggling at publication and does not like higher interest rates but we still think that it can recover to 1882 onto the middle of September.  If it cannot rally enough it still may be lower into December when it is seasonally lower.  That could even take gold lower to 1425 and break the backs of the gold bulls completely.

 There are potential higher numbers if geopolitics get dicey.  The next key cycle high for gold is into March 2023.  We still need for gold to prove itself.   Silver is also struggling and a best could recover to 2280 but a new late fall/early winter low could easily go to 1625.  Where are the Hunt brothers when you need them?  Still there are major shortages of silver so these declines seem to suggest manipulation as suggested by numerous laws suits that were lost by Barclay’s banks and others for manipulating the metals markets.

CYPTOS:   While finally bouncing a bit, Bitcoin will have to take out 25000  to negate a secondary low into mid-September. We would rather buy Bitcoin if we got a pattern completion at 11300-11400.    We do not think it will go to new highs and at best could retrace 62% back to the 47000 level. We worry that governments are too concerned about regulating cryptos out of existence because they compete with the control that they want to have over the world’s monetary vehicles.

We do see a high for Bitcoin into the week of April 2023 when Jupiter at the end of Pisces will be opposing natal Mercury at 29 degress of Virgo in the natal Bitcoin chart.  (Oct. 31, 2008, 11:10 am,   Van Nuys, CA)   

Investment vehicles rotate. We tend to hang onto things that have happened already and we need to look for the next big mover.  High on the list for investment will be Natural Gas stocks (you can buy UNG, the ETF for natural gas stocks) as shortages will continues and Europe is going to have import LNP to meet the losses from the Ukraine. Utility stocks seem a safer place to park money and  you have to get creative to find alternative.

As always, this is my snapshot thought for Sept 2 2022.  New information comes in daily. If you are a trader or investor, consider my Fortucast newsletters that are daily at  A trial subscription is 97.00/month. 

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