If you are tearing your hair out from the stress levels, we do not see much relief until after Nov. 15th.

Sun is conjunct with Venus exactly into Oct 22nd and while this may be good for Libra and Taurus giving them glamor and stardom energy and a buzz for a few more days, for many of us it creates a lot of friction in relationships and fighting and ego battles. Click below for the full article.

 The Sun is in Libra and moves into Swati nakshatra (Libra 10-23.20) on the 24th and moves to the exact degree of debilitation at 10 degrees on the 27th.  This tends to bring in depression, health issues, self-esteem issues and is always a low point for the year—particularly for Leo rising and Scorpio rising.  Relief comes on Nov. 6th when the Sun moves into Jupiter’s nakshatra of Vishakha (Libra 20-Scorpio 3.20) where a bit more optimism creeps in.

Saturn is stationary direct on Saturday, Oct 22nd and this is a powerful day for Saturn ruled people like Capricorn and Aquarius rising and Libra and Taurus rising do well with Saturn.  The direct Saturn will be less malefic and that will be helpful. You may feel a great deal of steadiness, a great deal of power to work hard and a lot of silence in meditation depending on how it hits your chart. 

Mars moves out of weak early degrees (sandhi) on Oct 22nd but stays at 1 degree Gemini as it gets ready to go stationary retrograde on Oct. 30th.  Retrograde malefic are more fierce and the planet of war does not need more power now. Aries and Scorpio rising may benefit from the extra power and energy but retrograde Mars can be rather uneven and either plow through and do too much or collapse  from doing too much. 

A Solar Eclipse/New moon hits at 7.49 Libra on Tuesday morning. It is visible in Europe, South/West Asia, North/East Africa and unfortunately is impacting Ukraine quite negatively.    We will write a separate article about the Solar eclipse.  It occurs between 8:58 am- 13:02 London Time but for the most part will not impact the US although it will be felt the first hour of sunrise.   If you have planets at 7-9 degrees Libra, Cancer, Capricorn or Aries, you may be more impacted but you really need to be running a Sun/Rahu or Rahu/Sun period and have a direct hit if you are to be seriously impacted. Eclipse fears get exaggerated in the astrological community.

Venus moves toward conjunction with Ketu at 19 degrees of Libra on Nov. 2nd and we will write more about this next week.   Have a great week!

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