The big event of the coming week is the slowing down of Mars in Gemini as it prepares to go stationary on Oct 30th and turns retrograde until Jan 12th   Mars retrograde happens for about 2 months every two years but it does not happen very often in Gemini/ Taurus and the last time it happened there was Nov 15, 2007, and then not back until Nov. 1975.    Mars will be sandhi or in early degrees of  Gemini Nov. 8-13th where it loses power and then is in late degrees of Taurus, Nov. 13-18th where it also loses power.  Mars governs the adrenals and supports the solar plexus so when it is weak, it can create more tiredness, less power, and can lower self-esteem.  The Sun is not doing a good job of that already in Libra until Nov. 17th.

If you have retrograde Mars in your natal chart, Mars is less inclined to take action and a person needs a fire under them to get something done. There can be a lot of procrastination. Hence, it can be a bad time for starting new projects or doing business projects. There still can be a lot of energy but you may feel blocked at times. Getting plenty of exercise and movement is important during Mars retrograde.

Retrograde malefics are more powerful to cause harm so if Mars is a particularly bad planet for you like for Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, and Libra rising, it will have more power to cause problems.   Aries and Scorpio Rising maybe get stronger from it but it always gives energy in fits and starts and one has to adopt the Nike slogan, “Just do it!” and not think too ponderously about it.  Mars is revisiting Taurus where Nov. 13-March 12th so we will get a rerun of the August/Sept/October transit which brought out more passion and sexual energy, an emphasis on bodybuilding and looking good. 

For the wrong signs,  retrograde malefics tend to do more harm than good.   Mars is transiting the 11th house for Cancer rising and the 10th house for Leo rising back in Taurus and those are strong transits but Scorpio and Aries may have to deal with relationship and family and money issues.   Taurus rising will have to deal with health issues if they do not resolve pent-up or repressed anger and Libra rising will need to focus on transformation. Pisces rising and moon may do well with the courage to take entrepreneurial steps with the 3rd house transit of Mars. 

My friend Gary O’Toole of Timeline Astrology  (see explains Mars retrograde best: ” There is outward energy to get stuff done but the inner anger and frustration might feel like there is a block in place and if when we feel blocked, we may not act. So, we have to watch sudden angry outbursts with retrograde Mars.”

We sometimes just have to get out there and do things carefully rather than procrastinate and we have to get a lot of exercise in to release any bottled-up explosive energy that wants to come out so it does not explode in the wrong way. If anger is bottling up, find a way to release it through exercise or dance or maybe just hitting a pillow or screaming out loud when there is no one to bear the brunt of your anger.

Find ways to stay cool by avoiding hot and spicy foods, drinking coconut water and cooling food, and avoiding over-exerting yourself which can lead to wild bursts of anger.  Learn to be patient with delays and frustrations and realize it will all get done without abusing your body and those around you.

On the level of Mundane astrology, the best analog year was 1975 with Mars retrograde in early Gemini and mid-Taurus from Nov 6, 1975, to Jan. 20, 1976.  Also Nov 15, 2007, into Jan. 2008.  Notable events during that period include several major boating accidents with many lives lost as well as some geopolitical turmoil and the stock market topped and started down in Jan. 2008.  

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