By Barry Rosen

The recession is coming next year as Jupiter moves into Aries and will be
aspected exactly 60 degrees into June 19, 2023. The US chart is Sagittarius
rising and this will continue to hurt perceptions of the US and already the world is
dumping our bonds and the Chinese are trying to kill the Petrodollar and replace
it with the Petroyuan. China’s Capricorn rising chart is in a Mercury mahadasha
with Mercury exalted in the 9 th house and its status and thirst for power will
continue to rise this decade and they will be successful.
Jupiter in Pisces has generally laid an egg for the stock market and we do have
to remember that is the natural 12 th house of the natural zodiac and has a way of
taking material wealth away sometimes. It has been good for Health Care stocks
and we still like them through the spring the XLV or the ETF for healthcare
should continue to be supportive for the market into late April when Jupiter goes
into Aries.
Looking ahead, we have to look for bargains on defense stocks and sporting
goods as Jupiter moves in Aries will support their growth in the next year above
other sectors. We would look to buy dips at the general stock market low which is
early January. The best ETFs for Defense are ITA and XAR. ITA is a bit
overbought but XAR has some upside potential to 118-20.
NIKE (NKE) had good earnings last week and is relatively oversold having fallen
100.00 from the high near 180. It may recover to 140-42 in the spring and may
be worth looking at for investing in sporting goods.
Energy continues to be one of the better sectors to invest in. It is too overbought
but the XLE or the ETF for energy stocks may only fall to 8100 before rallying to
105 and 115.00. We think it is too overbought to chase.
Natural gas looks like it has a long-term uptrend from the late Feb. 2023 low into
the year 2025. Natural gas futures are an Aquarius rising and Saturn going back
into Aquarius for the next two years will ultimately help this market. Still, UNG,
the ETF for natural gas may fall to 10.00 before it starts a long move up for an
Neptune's move back into Pisces on Feb. 18 th and conjunct Jupiter for a few
months will rekindle a new wave of inflation. Will it come from energy with crude
needing to go back above 100.00 or will there be some new factor? Worldwide

food shortages will also fuel inflation as grain cycles are set for a cycle high into
May 2023.
Mars stations and goes direct on Jan. 12, 2023, and Mercury will go direct on
Jan 18 th after its 3-week retrograde movement so maybe, it will seem that life
can move forward again by mid-January with Saturn moving back into Aquarius
on Jan. 17th. Saturn’s aspect onto Aries, Leo, and Scorpio for the next 2.5 years
will give us a reality check on what needs to be done with the war in Ukraine, the
corruption of leadership with its aspect onto Leo and to forcing us to look at the
dark subconscious undercurrents of our corrupt world and media that have been
gaslighting us with lies. “ There is no border crisis.” Recently, the Philadelphia
FED confirmed that the monthly jobs data was inflated by an extra million jobs
added which is not accurate. Congress is investigating how the mistake was
We sense that Saturn moving into the constellation of Purvabhadrapada in April
2024 will bring reality to the dark energies of this constellation where Neptune
has been spinning illusions that government is a good friend to the people.
April 2024 is a pivotal moment for the US. It is the month of another total Solar
Eclipse on April 8 th 2024, totally crossing the United States during the day, much
like the one, we saw in 2017. This time the US faces a Pluto return with Pluto
returning the degree of its birth when the US is founded in 1776. Past Pluto
returns for other great civilizations like Rome did lead to a major dethroning of
power and it is clear that China wants to take over the mantle of a world leader
and that the US is sinking. Can it be saved?
The first five months of the year look like the stock market could recover into the
Jupiter/Rahu conjunction in Aries into late May and seasonally stocks are higher
usually then. We look at cycles into 2023 and we are probably looking at a
major cycle low into late Oct. 2023 with a secondary low into late Nov. 2023.
Should be thinking 2750 on the S & P by then? The good news is there seems
to be a recovery into Dec. 2024 and into January 2026 from there. Is that the
point that NATO is at war with Russia and European money pours into the US as
it did in World Wars 1 and 2? If the bull market somehow manages to come
back there is a cycle high into January 2026 but so many x-factors with the Great
Reset are in the works.
For now, we are not thinking that at best 3750 on the S & P futures may hold by
early January and the market could work its way higher to 4300-4400 first. Not
willing to embrace more than that. Seasonally stocks are often down into late
March and the Mercury in Pisces debilitation is over by March 31 st . Mercury
governs shares of stocks. Jupiter in Pisces will cancel the debilitation but may not
be enough to help stocks do a secondary low in March.

We are friendly for a cycle high into late May. We are not willing to suggest that
4800 will come out on the S & P, but there are Elliott Wave patterns that could
still allow a new weekly chart high to 5500 on the S & P but that would be into the
year 2026. That rally would start from the Oct 2023 low and not sure what will
save the US stock market. If world bonds and currencies fail, the world could
pour their money into the US stock market and that could make it happen.

GOLD: China is buying up gold on dips as they want to eventually want to back
the Yuan with gold while the US continues to manufacture money out of thin air
and go trillions of dollars into debt. Who has more sense? Gold often spurts up
the first week of the New Year with Sun in Sagittarius training the gold sign of Leo
and we could easily see 1863 with patterns suggesting thereafter pullbacks
should hold 1757. We do like gold into the March 2023 cycle high but would
rather buy lower in late January. Longer-term patterns later in the decade
suggest later in the decade gold will rally to 2750 but getting up to 2047-50 this
spring would be a minimum target.
CRYPTOS: With Nasdaq on Tech probably coming to life for a bit in the first half
of 2023, cryptos have a chance to rebound. Bitcoin never got to our ideal target
of 13330 and not impossible that it will not happen. Expect a new Congress to
legislate cryptos—which may at first appear to be a good thing—but is more
manipulation as world governments do not want competition for their worthless
printed money. It may take until Feb. before cryptos come to life again and not
sure why. All of these markets are cyclical and you have to get ready for the next
one that will take off.
The reality of Bitcoin as a haven is slowly losing its luster. Who takes Bitcoin at
the supermarket or gas station or pays your utility bills without some hefty fees?
There is a recovery cycle into April 17 th and that is if regulators do not continue to
destroy cryptos. Governments do not want anyone to control the monetary
system besides themselves. Three or four cryptos have gone bankrupt and the
war against Ripple and XRP continues with legal suits.
TECH STOCKS: Tech stocks are very oversold and NQ 100 could get down to
10590 if we get a new low. The ETF, XLK for technology is getting oversold
enough near 120 that it may make some money on a stock market spurt.
We doubt that 13500 on NQ 100 will get taken out on a bounce and the
technology crash will probably not be over until the Oct/Nov. 2023 cycle low. We
may have a trader’s bounce in January to play for 4-5 months but that party will
end. We have a projection on Tesla down to 117-120 and a recovery target for
the spring to 194-200. We are not convinced this stock will return to its glory days
until after the Oct. 2023 cycle low.

Teslas are wonderful until you need to replace the $7000.00 battery or your
warranty lapses after 1 year and you get the mechanic’s bill in the mail.
Remember to work with your broker. Trading and investing have to be done both
technically and the astrology can help but should not be the only factor in making
a decision.
As always, this is my snapshot thought for Dec 23, 2023. New information
comes in daily. If you are a trader or investor, consider my Fortucast newsletters
which are published daily at A trial subscription is
If you want to learn financial astrology visit my website at and click on the Financial Astrology link.

Barry Rosen has been practicing Vedic astrology since 1987. He has visited and
studied in India on 4 occasions and has spoken numerous times at the American
Council of Vedic Astrology Conferences in Sedona, AZ since 1999 and also at
the British Association of Vedic Astrologers in London since 2006. He has been
involved in Vedic culture since 1973 and is a long-time meditation and yoga
teacher and a published poet. He has had many Vedic astrology teachers
including Komilla Sutton, Marc Boney, and Robert Koch, and has taken several
mini-seminars from Sanjay Rath. In the last seven years, he has moved away
from his specialty in Investment and Mundane astrology to his fascination with
the psychological and spiritual dimensions of Vedic astrology.
He is the author of five books on Vedic astrology including The 2018-2020 Vedic
Almanac series, Finding Your Blind Spots Using Vedic Astrology, Signs of Life
from the Astrological Zodiac: The Spiritual Dimensions of Planets, Signs, and
Houses in Vedic Astrology and Mysteries of Saturn and Capricorn: Mastering the
Energies for Growth and Transformation. They are all also available through
He has been teaching classes in Investment Astrology since 1990 and began
teaching the other aspects of Vedic astrology specialized courses online in 2017,
including Dashas, Transits, Personal Finance, Health, Longevity, and Death,
Nakshatras, The Spiritual Dimensions of Vedic Astrology, Secrets of the Houses,
Relationships and many more.
In his consultations, he focuses more on the emotional and mental patterns in the
chart and their impact on consciousness which can create waves of illusion
blocking you. A good consultation should help you witness the play of karma so

that you are not gripped by it; you can transcend it and realize your Divinity,
becoming the commander of the planets and not the victim.
Barry Rosen also operates a blog on Facebook under Barry Rosen and also
Astro-Yoga and his professional astrological website is He can be reached at

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