Mars has been retrograde since late October and you may have noticed that you do not have the energy to go to the gym or just get out and get something done.  Sometimes you do things in big spurts and then get exhausted and cannot do anything until you recover.   That will start shifting as Mars goes direct at 14 degrees Taurus next Thursday.

Mars has been in Taurus navamsha and is considered vargottama where it has extra strength and power — this may impact the soul level more strongly and this strength for Mars continues until Feb. 4th.  In any case, it is time to stop procrastinating and move forward with all you need to do!  No more excuses.  Write the Nike slogan on your mirror: ” Just Do It!”

Mercury goes stationary direct at 14 degrees Sagittarius on Jan. 18th.  Luckily it has been in a benefic sign owned by Jupiter and in a beautiful nakshatra, Purva Shadha (Sag. 13.20-26.40), and getting the blessings of Venus and the goddess Apas.  I have been traveling during Mercury retrograde and it has been mostly smooth.  My biggest challenge has been using an Israeli washing machine which seemed to run for 12 hours and would not stop.  May have finally figured it out. In any case, Jan. 18th is another reason to just move forward and get moving.

On the dark side, Saturn moves into the final degree of Capricorn at 29 degrees starting on Jan 8th until it goes into Aquarius on Jan. 17th.  The last degree of a sign is called sandhi and it is like having all your boxes packed, and you cannot find anything and you are waiting for the mover to come.  Until Saturn gets beyond 1 degree of Aquarius on January 26th it may be a bit edgier and bring out the darker side of Saturn with fear and suffering and hard work.  As it moves close to the Venus conjunction on Jan. 22nd, it will lighten up so we approaching the end of the worst of Saturn in Capricorn.

Coming up, we have Rahu moving into Ashwini Nakshatra (Aries 0-13.20) on Feb. 20th in the mean node system.  We will need to write a long article about this one as Ketu is in Rahu’s nakshatra of Swati (Libra 20-6.40) and the exchange of nakshatras is always a big and complex karmic event.

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