The positive transit of Venus in Pisces is the highlight for the month of Feb from Feb. 15-March 11th as the more idealized energies of love and beauty and optimism surface.  Still, we are still in the dark of winter and we are moving into Aquarius season as the planets transit through the water-bearer’s sign.   Aquarius is a sign of intense karma and suffering as it is co-ruled by Saturn and Rahu and often Rahu becomes the top dog between these two planets. The Aquarius nature is often sorrowful and miserable, but because of the influence of Rahu, it can also be filled with ambition.  

Sun in Aquarius after Feb. 12th

This is often at a low energy transit because it is 7 houses from Leo and in a difficult position for Leos, hence it can bring health issues for that sign.  The Sun’s transit through Satabishaka nakshatra (Aquarius 6.40-20.00) ruled by Rahu, Feb. 18th-March 1st is usually the most difficult part of the journey as it can bring up inflated ego issues, and falls from power. If you were born with the Sun in this constellation it can create unreliable people who are not authentic and may create distrust. The transit through that area may activate some of those qualities.  This year, with the Sun moving toward Saturn into Feb. 16th, it is particularly intense for confrontations with the government, bosses, fathers, and mentor figures.

Venus in Pisces  Feb. 15-March 11th

Venus moves into her sign of exaltation on Feb. 15th and moves toward a conjunction with  Jupiter on March 2nd.  In general, it brings a welcome relief from a difficult winter but the presence of Jupiter in Pisces with Neptune can lead to excessive indulgence, expansion, spiritual escapism, or darker escapism with drugs or alcohol, or sex.   In Pisces, Venus, the ruler of women and relationships, brings out love, harmony, creativity, beauty, and artistry.  Still,  it is always a fun and optimistic time filled with more joy and pleasure.

Venus is a Guru planet in its own right and has an important role in materializing the spiritual essence of the human being and bringing spirituality into the material world. In esoteric astrology it allows men to aspire to spiritual immortality and learn graceful manners, calmness, endurance, sociability, and love of the arts. It is connected to wealth and Lakshmi, poetry, beautiful clothes, fine arts, and music.


The darker side we have to deal with Saturn’s combustion all of Feb which we have discussed in a longer article published Friday.  Saturn’s combustion runs From Jan. 30-March 5th and can bring out the darker and more depressing side of Saturn. 

Mercury in  Aquarius Feb. 27-March 16th

It will also be combust and not visible in the sky from Feb. 27th-March 31st.  The combustion is not a huge problem until March 10th when it gets within 5 degrees of the Sun until about March 21st which tends to create a buzzy and busy mind with excessive thinking.  With Saturn in Aquarius and in Saturn’s sign, we have to watch out for negative thinking to avoid getting caught up in darkness and depression.

The Saturn conjunction with Mercury which will be felt mostly Feb 28-March 5.  This creates a loss of the big picture, obsessive behavior, being too detailed, being stubborn, being distracted, and minor depression. The Cobra pose helps balance Mercury and the plank pose can energize Mercury and help it.  Use meditation to help keep you focused and keep you from being too scattered or negatively thinking. Even a shoulder stand may help get you out of trouble but of course, do these poses with the care and aid of a good yoga instructor if you do not know them. It is definitely a month to stay on top of your meditation routine.

As Mercury moves farther away from Saturn, it will increase in power.   Let’s say it’s a complicated month for Virgo and Gemini rising signs and Gemini moons and people if you have a  lot of malefic natal chart planets in Aquarius like Rahu, Saturn, Mars or Ketu. For Gemini it is a 9th house transit that supports spirituality, and foreign travel and for Virgos it’s it is 6th house transit that may bring up disputes and minor illness and problems with co-workers.

Stay on top of computers and electronics this month with so many influences on Mercury and Aquarius and make sure to be redundant with communications as you may be misunderstood at times during the month causing problems.


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