By Barry Rosen

The fight over raising the debt ceiling is in the news. It should not be a partisan
issue. How many of you can take out 30 credit cards, run them up their limits
and then pay them off as interest rates go higher every month? Every household
has to live within its means and the US government should be no exception at
some point things break and we do not want to be another Zimbabwe.
The US and the rest of the world are in a huge debt crisis and businesses,
families, corporations and countries are in financial trouble. How long can this
insanity go on? The Jupiter/Rahu conjunction is a signature for bankruptcy and
that conjunction in late May is likely to bring the deeper issues around this up to
the world. Chances are we will get through it but it will become a larger problem
in 2024.
Governments like a crisis as it allows them to take more control. The recent
inflation crisis in Venezuela with its mass migrations and authoritarianism,
corruption, and power struggles tells us where this is all heading unless we get
real with budgets and get rid of debt. Europe is also in a huge crisis as are
Japan and China. When finances collapse, institutions get overwhelmed,
infrastructure deteriorates and criminals get more empowered.
I have not had enough time to look at all the astrology for all of this but it has
been boiling and brewing for years and governments make wars to get out of
crises as was the case with World War 2 after the depression. I have a sense
that 2023 is a better year for prosperity in the first ½ of the year than 2024 but
there is a steady decline coming from the US as we move into later years in the
decade and having your gardens and greenhouses, sources of power, and being
in safe communities are things to think about.
We have several major events coming up in the next few months. Rahu moves
into Ashwini (Aries 0-13.20) which is owned by Ketu while Ketu is in Swati which
is owned by Rahu. An exchange of nakshatras is always rather complicated for
the karmic wheel and Rahu does not move out of Ashwini until Nov. 28 th in the
true node system and Oct 30 th in the Mean Node system.
Jupiter moves into Revati nakshatra (Pisces 16.40-29.59) Feb 24-April 21 st as it
completes its journey through Pisces. Jupiter moves toward Rahu into early
May and gets a sextile or 60-degree aspect from Saturn into June 19 th . Both
these aspects should help the stock market in May and June but seasonally that

is also when stocks top out. Still, Jupiter/Rahu aspects are a signature for
bankruptcy so how it impacts certain countries will be dependent on what houses
in a country’s chart are connected to Aries.
The recession is coming next year as Jupiter moves into Aries and will be
aspected exactly 60 degrees into June 19, 2023. The stock market will initially
like a recession as it means the FED will be forced to lower rates in the 2 nd half of
the year and the market is already trading that idea.
The US dollar is in trouble as the Saudis have confirmed that they will dump the
Petrodollar agreement which goes back 50 years and has the US protecting
Saudi Arabia in return for the country requiring oil purchases in dollars. This has
made the dollar the leader in the world. The Chinese are moving in for the kill
and want a Petroyuan and it is happening. China’s Capricorn rising chart is in
a Mercury mahadasha with Mercury exalted in the 9 th house and its status and
thirst for power will continue to rise this decade and they will be successful. The
dollar index projects 9620 and may bounce out of that level but not liking it at the
Looking ahead, we have to look for bargains on defense stocks and sporting
goods as Jupiter moves in Aries and will support their growth in the next year
above other sectors. We would look to buy dips at the general stock market low
which is early January. The best ETFs for Defense are ITA and XAR. ITA is a
bit overbought but XAR has some upside potential to 118-20.
Natural gas looks like it has a long-term uptrend from the late Feb. 2023 low into
the year 2025. Natural gas futures are an Aquarius rising and Saturn going back
into Aquarius for the next two years will ultimately help this market. Still, UNG,
the ETF for natural gas may fall below 8.00 and Natural gas futures may hit 2.47
or 2.223. before it starts a long move up for investment with natural gas futures
projecting 13.00 eventually and there are still shortages in the world even if the
European cold winter did not manifest this year.
Neptune's move back into Pisces on Feb. 18 th and conjunct Jupiter for a few
months will rekindle a new wave of inflation. Will it come from energy with crude
needing to go back above 90.00 100.00 or will there be some new factor?
Worldwide food shortages will also fuel inflation as grain cycles are set for a
cycle high into May 2023. There are grain future ETFs like SOYB for soybeans
and CORN for corn and even cotton that will do well this year as there are
several drought cycles due to hit the Midwest this summer and only Mars in
watery nakshatras may save us a bit. BAL is the ETF for cotton.
We sense that Saturn moving into the constellation of Purvabhadrapada in April
2024 will bring reality to the dark energies of this constellation where Neptune

has been spinning illusions that government is a good friend to the people. That
constellation is connected to secret societies and dark energies.
April 2024 is a pivotal moment for the US. It is the month of another total Solar
Eclipse on April 8 th, 2024, totally crossing the United States during the day, much
like the one we saw in 2017. This time the US faces a Pluto return with Pluto
returning the degree of its birth when the US is founded in 1776. Past Pluto
returns for other great civilizations like Rome did lead to a major dethroning of
power and it is clear that China wants to take over the mantle of a world leader
and that the US is sinking. Can it be saved? The US was created when Pluto
was in Abhijit Nakshatra (Capricorn 6.40-11.13) which is connected to victory and
power. The good news is the Pluto return which goes into 2024-25 may rekindle
and allow the US to overthrow many of the dark forces (including China) that
want to take the US down. There will be a crisis next year but I am more hopeful
now and Jupiter in Taurus on June 2, 2024, will be trining Pluto to give it the
power for positive transformation.
The first six months of the year look like the stock market could recover into the
Jupiter/Rahu conjunction in Aries into late May and the Saturn sexile onto Jupiter
into Jun 19, 2023. At publication, the market is tiring and we are going into the
FOMC meeting where Powell has little reason to be more dovish even if a 25-
point hike is less than what we have been getting. The stock market is likely to
be disappointed the first few weeks of Feb. into the Saturn/Sun conjunction into
Feb. 16-17 th but recover into early March as Venus goes into Pisces on Feb.
15 th -March 11 th .
Seasonally stocks are often down into late March and the Mercury in Pisces
debilitation is over by March 31 st. Mercury governs shares of stocks. Jupiter in
Pisces will cancel the debilitation but may not be enough to help stocks do a
secondary low in March. The stock market does not look great in April as
anxiety is up with Saturn throwing a 60-degree aspect toward Rahu in Aries at
about 6 degrees.
We are friendly for a cycle high into late May and probably into June with the Jupiter
sextile to Saturn into June 19 th being key.
A rally would start from Oct /Nov. 2023 low and not sure what will save the US stock
market. If world bonds and currencies fail, the world could pour their money into the US
stock market and that could make it happen. Should be thinking 2750 on the S & P
by then? The good news is there seems to be a recovery into Dec. 2024 and
into January 2026 from there.
As always there are several X-factors as those in power want to take out Russia
to restore more US dominance in world energy. Despite what the US media is
telling you, Europe is tired of the war. While the German Defense secretary just
about came out and said the obvious about it being war, the Presidents of

Croatia and Hungary quickly came out to rebuke a declared war. The issues
there are much more complex than you hear about but it’s not good to prod the
Mother Bear. Cycles regarding the war there seem to have some huge turning
points in late April and many think that Putin may be taken out but would be
replaced by more aggressive Russian political figures. For every 60,000 missiles
that Russia can fire, Ukraine only can send 6000 back. The recent tank deal
sending about 300 tanks from Europe and the US may help but it takes time to
get them there and in the meantime, Russia will increase its offensive. One has
to wonder why US elites are willing to blow up the world over Ukraine. There are
good forces in the world that are working hard to shift consciousness in the world
and prevent calamity.

GOLD: China is buying up gold on dips as they want to eventually want to back
the Yuan with gold while the US continues to manufacture money out of thin air
and go trillions of dollars into debt. Who has more sense? Gold cycles are strong
into early March and the Venus exaltation will help after a pullback into the
Saturn/Sun conjunction in mid-Feb. We do like gold into the March 2023 cycle
high and it projects 2050 or max. 2100 but then will do a larger pullback in March
and April and may go a bit longer. Longer-term cycles are supported into
September 2023 and May 2024. Jupiter in Aries aspecting Leo, the home of gold
will be helpful after late April but we are not clear on the spring cycle low.
Longer-term patterns later in the decade suggest later in the decade gold will
rally to 2750 but getting up to 2047-53 this spring would be a minimum target.
CRYPTOS: Bitcoin has come back to life but has not taken out the key area of
25200. Aspects of the Bitcoin chart are positive into late April but we wonder if
this market can come back fully from the dead.
Expect a new Congress to legislate cryptos—which may at first appear to be a
good thing—but is more manipulation as world governments do not want
competition for their worthless printed money. We have a pullback into mid-Feb.
for cryptos and Mercury in Pisces in March 2023 is not going to be that helpful.
The reality of Bitcoin as a haven is slowly losing its luster. Who takes Bitcoin at
the supermarket or gas station or pays your utility bills without some hefty fees?
There is a recovery cycle into April 17 th and that is if regulators do not continue to
destroy cryptos. Governments do not want anyone to control the monetary
system besides themselves. Three or four cryptos have gone bankrupt and the
war against Ripple and XRP continues with legal suits. The big banks, Chase
and Bank of America, and Wells Fargo will be rolling out their own electronic
money to compete with cryptos but do not buy into the false claims about their
convenience as the elite want to control our spending by taking us off of paper
money. If the US dollar fails into a crisis in 2024, will we be all saved by
helicopter money in the form of electronic money that is totally under the control

of the government? Do you want them to know where you spend every dime
and to control if you are spending on green energy projects? It would be the
beginning of the end and is something that governments around the world have
been planning.
TECH STOCKS: Tech stocks have come back from the dead with NASDAQ up
20% for record gains. At publication, these stocks are showing signs of topping
and we have to see what kind of correction we get into mid-Feb. A positive
Powell statement could create another surge into Feb. 3 rd with Uranus squares
the Sun. Still, it's too risky to chase this market after such huge gains. See
where it is by mid-Feb. and check with our daily services.

We doubt that 13700 on NQ 100 will get taken out this year on a bounce. The
technology crash will probably not be over until the Oct/Nov. 2023 cycle low.
Tesla went below our 117 projection to 100 and bounced to 180.00 at
publication. We may not get pullbacks to more than 152-159 and the market will
have trouble taking out 208. Still, it may do better. The longer-term bullish
pattern projects 350 for the next push up but we are not ready to go there yet.
Let’s see where it is in the middle of January. Big pushes higher sometimes need
weeks of congestion before they continue.
Teslas are wonderful until you need to replace the $7000.00 battery or your
warranty lapses after 1 year and you get the mechanic’s bill in the mail.
Remember to work with your broker. Trading and investing have to be done both
technically and astrology can help but should not be the only factor in making a
As always, this is my snapshot thought for Jan. 30, 2023. New information
comes in daily. If you are a trader or investor, consider my Fortucast newsletters
which are published daily at A trial subscription is
If you want to learn financial astrology visit my website at and click on the Financial Astrology link.

Barry Rosen has been practicing Vedic astrology since 1987. He has visited and
studied in India on 4 occasions and has spoken numerous times at the American
Council of Vedic Astrology Conferences in Sedona, AZ since 1999 and also at
the British Association of Vedic Astrologers in London since 2006. He has been
involved in Vedic culture since 1973 and is a long-time meditation and yoga

teacher and a published poet. He has had many Vedic astrology teachers
including Komilla Sutton, Marc Boney, and Robert Koch, and has taken several
mini-seminars from Sanjay Rath. In the last seven years, he has moved away
from his specialty in Investment and Mundane astrology to his fascination with
the psychological and spiritual dimensions of Vedic astrology.
He is the author of five books on Vedic astrology including The 2018-2020 Vedic
Almanac series, Finding Your Blind Spots Using Vedic Astrology, Signs of Life
from the Astrological Zodiac: The Spiritual Dimensions of Planets, Signs, and
Houses in Vedic Astrology and Mysteries of Saturn and Capricorn: Mastering the
Energies for Growth and Transformation. They are all also available through
He has been teaching classes in Investment Astrology since 1990 and began
teaching the other aspects of Vedic astrology specialized courses online in 2017,
including Dashas, Transits, Personal Finance, Health, Longevity and Death,
Nakshatras, The Spiritual Dimensions of Vedic Astrology, Secrets of the Houses,
Relationships and many more.
In his consultations, he focuses more on the emotional and mental patterns in the
chart and their impact on consciousness which can create waves of illusion
blocking you. A good consultation should help you witness the play of karma so
that you are not gripped by it; you can transcend it and realize your Divinity,
becoming the commander of the planets and not the victim.
Barry Rosen also operates a blog on Facebook under Barry Rosen and also
Astro-Yoga and his professional astrological website is He can be reached at

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