Venus is moving into Aries on March 11th. It goes through the Gandanta or emotional knot through March 15th. When this happens there is a sudden rude awakening as the expansive energy of Venus in Pisces and the relationship harmony can suddenly disappear and the ego-eccentric energy of Aries takes over where we want to do it my way and we are always right. This always spoils relationships. Watch March 10- March 11th as Venus will be more emotional in the Gandata (Pisces 29.20-Aries 0.40) where deep emotional unraveling takes place. Venus does best in the Pisces Gandanta or emotional knotted area because it is exalted in D9 but it is always a rude awakening moving into Aries and enemy sign which is 7 signs from Libra where it is a bit dead and 12 signs from Taurus. Venus stays in Aries until April 6th.

Venus in Aries will also get too close to Rahu within 3 degrees, March 18-23rd and this can create sexual and sensual cravings and disrupt relationship harmony it can also create wild spending sprees if you do not watch your pocketbook. Venus/Rahu conjunctions are good for artistic creativity and can also increase wild sexual energies and passions.  It can increase finances and lead to attraction to foreign partners.  It can create intense fear around your relationships and so just remember it is a temporary paranoia and will pass quickly.

  Venus in Aries can be over-sexed or argumentative. Still, Mars, the owner of Aries, is a bitter enemy of Venus and the darker side of Venus is Aries is felt where one can get intimate too quickly looking for the thrill of romance and being strongly sexed and attracted to loose or unreliable people. It can generate reproductive problems. As it moves away from the early degrees of Aries out of Ketu’s nakshatra of Ashwini (Aries 0-13.20) after  March 23rd, it does do better in Bharani Nakshatra (13.20-26.40)  March 23-April 3rd and develops a sense of fiery play and becomes seductive, fun to be with, playful, adventurous, spontaneous, and generous and a bit passionate and very creative.

Venus will first be in the constellation of Ashwini (Aries 0-13.20)  March 11-23rd. Prash Trivedi reminds us that Ashwini is known in modern astronomy as Alpha-Ariettas and Beta-Ariettas near the bright star of Andromeda.   The symbol for Ashwini is a horse’s head representing a dauntless spirit of adventure and headstrong nature. This transit usually fosters self-starters and energy to complete projects. It is also a very healing constellation and so there will be more healing energy. The ruling deities are the Ashwini twins who ride in a golden chariot and shower healing energy down to the earth plane. They are the “Physicians of the Gods.” This is a nakshatra of initiation, revitalization, and transformational healing. The ruling planet is Ketu (South Node of the Moon), which gives a mystical and mysterious bent to their life journey. Ketu’s energy is very spiritual being conjunct with Jupiter in Pisces.

The problem with Venus in Ashwini is that it can create a push-pull toward austerity and celibacy if one is recovering from a broken relationship or regrets a hasty affair. In the end, slow down before jumping in and out of relationships or moving too quickly as things may suddenly seem like they are moving too fast.  Planets moving into Aries and particularly Ashwini are like racehorses at the track waiting for the gate to open so they can dash and run like the wind.

Venus will conjunct Uranus during this transit in Aries on March 30th. This conjunction can create unexpected events and excitement and the quest for new experiences through love and artistic expression. You might suddenly meet someone out of the blue who seems radically different and exciting. Enjoy the change and excitement for a few days. Venus/Uranus energy creates a lot of excitement and deep energy and usually is great for an artistic adventure. Venus conjunct Uranus usually is positive for movement in the US stock market and can create a lot of movement contextual to what is happening.

So, the party is over for Venus in Pisces. She enjoyed a nice “staycation” in Pisces where the height of its relationship skills and artistic expression were able to come out.

Libra rising will have more of the sudden and quick relationship energy that we have discussed above with a 7th house transit of the ascendant lord. Taurus rising, owned by Venus can also have a lot of sexual energy but may experience more expenditures over the next month so watch your shopping addiction if romance gets too complicated over the next month. Geminis will benefit from more female friendships with an eleventh house transit and women’s groups. Scorpio and Virgo and Cancer rising, and moons could have the most difficulty with this transit as they are 6th, 8th, and 10th from the ascendant.

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Special thanks to Komilla Sutton and all my teachers for their great insights.

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