JUPITER CONJUNCT RAHU:  MAY 19-JUNE 14TH (3 degree orb true node)

JUPITER CONJUNCT RAHU:  MAY 19-JUNE 14TH (3-degree orb true node) exact June 2nd (true node)  May 27 (mean node)

Jupiter is the Guru, the teacher, the counselor, the priest, and the advisor of the gods and is connected to religion and spirituality, children, Divine grace, enthusiasm, economic expansion, higher education, and growth.  It is friends with Mars and so is happy in Aries and supports courage and adventure and supports advancement of career, leadership, and good ethical behavior when it is unafflicted.   It is the one planet that can tame Rahu’s negative energies but its pure nature can get spoiled in the process. 

The last Jupiter/Rahu conjuction was Feb. 2, 2009 so we tend to see them every 14 years.  Because Jupiter is moving first toward conjunction with Rahu into June 2nd in the true node system and will be within 3 degrees May 19-June 10th in the true node system, we will see the darker side of Jupiter in Aries first.  The dark side is that it will promote a me-first attitude and be insensitive to others’ views and may fail to learn from its past mistakes.  This can also increase extravagance aggressive behavior, fundamentalist behavior, and false optimism, gambling, getting into debt, the problems with taking too many risks.  Hence for the spring, be practical before you jump into larger expenditures of capital.  The lure to bet on the stock market may increase from the Jupiter/Rahu conjunction as it will increase gambling and risk/taking but often in the past, the conjunction has led to falls in the stock market as in Feb/March 2009.

Jupiter tends to amplify Rahu and increases its ambition, quest for power, and love of corruption and this will increase. (as if we do not have enough of this energy going on during current politics.)   It can increase the desire for material possessions and status. While Rahu’s power gets amplified, Jupiter gets taken down.   It may lose its ethical essence, create liver problems, have poorer judgment, and get more confused about what is right.   It can also increase restlessness and we know that while changes can be good, if we are not clear, we can make the wrong decisions so take more time before making major decisions like moving, changing jobs, or breaking up in a relationship.  

Jupiter governs banking and finance and its affliction by Rahu can create problems. We are concerned about the banking crisis that started with Silicon Valley Bank in March and whether there will be more problems as we go into the late spring and summer.   The last major Jupiter/Rahu conjunction in Capricorn peaked on Feb. 2, 2009, and that was a month before the stock market put in a major bottom on March 9, 2009.   

The positive side of the Jupiter/Rahu conjunction is that it can increase technological advancement, engineering, and scientific discovery. As the conjunction gets tighter it can increase fundamentalism, over-spending, and problems with a toxic environment.  We have had too many toxic train derailments already. Does Jupiter finally create some action to prevent this problem?    

Also on the positive side, Jupiter can increase a strong desire for more knowledge and more spiritual activity. It can spur more spiritual growth coming out of restlessness.

How can we combat the Jupiter/Rahu conjunction? 

You can donate on a Thursday to charity and particularly to organizations that fight corruption or that help children.   You can be more vigilant about doing your spiritual practices and yoga and meditation so that you have more clarity.  Make sure you get your morning meditations in near sunrise when Jupiter’s energy is stronger. 

You must stay away from unethical behavior and support your religious institutions and refrain from speaking ill of Gurus.  The recent tirade of the press against the Dali Lama is an example of what happens during this conjunction. You also chant the mantra,  “Om Namo Bhagavate Dakshinamurtaye” which can help to alleviate the negative effects of Jupiter on Rahu. 

There are more difficult conjunctions in the sky that can happen but be alert to the negative implications of this one.

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