Mr. Quicksilver, the trickster,  moves into Gemini on Saturday, June 24th, and goes to its home base rekindling communication, writing, and intellectual inquiry.  It is a rather uncomplicated transit as aside from combustion between June 18-July 18th, it is unafflicted. Mercury is close to the Sun all year and has lots of suntan oil and usually can handle it until it gets about 5 degrees from the Sun and then a buzzy and busy mind takes over.

Firstly, Mercury moves into the star constellation of Mrigashira known by the West as Orion (Taurus 23.20-Gemini 6.40) known as the constellation of Orion and stays there until June 11th    and will channel Mars this can lead to disputes so do not get into arguments while you are driving and find an outlet to release anger when things do not happen as quickly as you would like. 

Mercury is mostly in Ardra (Gemini 6.40-Gemini 20)  June 11-July 3rd  and this will be more complicated and create more scams and computer virus problems and electrical problems and so be careful. It is a stormy constellation known for sudden emotional outbursts so Gemini or Virgo rising may feel it a bit. 

Mercury in Gemini will promote writing and so spend some time with your journal if your mind is full of chatter and work through any inner disruptive thoughts. Great few months for writing your book, developing your blog, or getting out those YouTube Videos.

Virgos and Geminis will have mostly results from the transit with Mercury at home and will flourish with deep thought and wisdom during the transit into Purnavasu (Gemini 20-Cancer 3.20)  July 3rd-July 10th.  Here Mercury here can be drawn to spiritual wisdom and seek deeper spiritual knowledge.

People in a Mercury dashas or sub-period will notice the complexity of this transit more as but still transits are 20% of timing and all is contextual to the larger cycles you are running. 


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