If you have been struggling with exhaustion and fatigue blame it on the two-year cycle of  Mars in Cancer.  Mars governs the 3rd chakra and is connected to the adrenals and if you have trouble with energy anyway, the Mars transits have been amplifying it. Come July, there will be a sudden lift of energy as Mars goes into its friend’s sign of Leo, and the fire of passion and goal-setting and moving forward will be ignited. 

The final 3 degrees between the water and fire signs is a deeply emotional transition point. It is known as a knot. If you are born with planets in the Gandanta (Pisces 27-Aries 3;  Cancer 27-Leo 3 or Scorpio 27-Sag. 3) then those planets pose difficult karmic knots that are difficult to unravel.  When planets transit through these points, they all present deep karmic and psychological knots to untangle.

Mars will be the first planet going through the Cancer gandanta which starts June 26-July 4th  but is most intense June 29-30.  Not only is Mars at the deepest point of debilitation at 28 degrees Cancer on July 26th  where fatigue and why bother energy is very strong but it is in this tangled emotional and psychological knot.   Venus will go through that knot also July 1-14th.

The Cancer gandanta is June 26-July 30 (Cancer 27-30) with the max. energy point  (Cancer 29.20-29.59 on June 29-30th )  in the constellation of Hydra (Ashlesha, Cancer 16.40-29.59) is a place where the toxins of the past are accumulating in a big knot that is difficult to untie.  Deep unconscious patterns and difficult problems seem to arise that seem daunting and filled with regrets.  Remember you have the power of free will in the present moment to move through into new light and do not have to live in the shadows and mistakes of the past. Let them go.  They seem tangled and difficult to deal with but you are strong enough to get through them.  If you are Aries or Scorpio rising or have major planets in this area in your natal chart, not a good week to beat yourself up as it does not help the situation.  Mistakes happen and we just have to let go of them and start a new day living the present.

The exact knot of the Leo gandanta ( Leo 0.00-0.40) that happens for Mars on July 1-2  is in the constellation of Regulus (Magha, Leo 0.00-13.20) is more material and the soul is troubled in its decision to move forward now into a more successful material life and begin a material journey through the more tamasic or material constellations that dominate into Dec. 15th which are more interested in money and security. 

So be easy on yourself if you are Aries or Scorpio rising as Mars completes its 2-year journey to the point of deep debilitation and into July 3rd.  Stay rested and next week when the mind gets filled with deep problems and regrets, remember you have the power and the courage to move through them.   Use the Frog pose to increase energy and courage and stimulate the adrenals.  Listen to Hanuman Chalisa or do Hanuman mantras to increase connection to the archetype of courage and service to get through the difficulties of next week.   Special thanks to Komilla Sutton for her studies and writings on the Gandanta.  

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