JUPITER IN BHARANI  (Aries 13.20-26.40)  June 22-Oct 31st; Feb 3-April 18, 2024

Jupiter entered the constellation of Bharani (pronounced BAR-AN-NEE)  on June 22nd   which is located at 13.20 Aries to 26.40 Aries and is ruled by the planet Venus. To astronomers, it consists of 3 stars known as 35, 39, and 41-Arietes, and its symbol is the female vagina which means that it embodies the eternal creative feminine energy of the womb. It relates to the capacity to receive, hold and nurture and even has some Kali energy associated with destruction as the archetypal quality of the mother that will protect her young at all costs.

Emotionally the constellation embodies caution, jealousy, struggle, sacrifice, sexuality, catharsis nurturing, and maternal love. It is also connected to the god Yama, of death and transformation, and operates in hidden unpredictable ways and enjoys its secrecy. Yama is not the serious deity we might normally think of and has a lighthearted playful expressive quality also and it is a benevolent deity and should not be feared. Hence the constellation of Bharani deals with the extremes of creating life as well as dissolution.

Jupiter is channeling Venus’s energy which increases sexual energies and sensual indulgence and passion.    Usually, if you do not find a creative art project to do you may want to spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend to work out the energies.

Bharani swings between a lust for life and a fear of death between naivete and wisdom. It has a young child’s excitement to explore its surroundings without restraint. If your rising sign or moon is born under this constellation or your Sun (April 27-May 10th), you are capable of going through huge transformations and radical changes and need to exhaust all possibilities in your quest. Creativity is the keyword for this constellation and I often see painters and artists born under this constellation which is not something one thinks about in Aries. If you were born under this constellation you can keep the peaceful countenance of Venus but may have raging storms going through you. You need to learn how to be responsible for one’s actions and avoid cruelty.

This nakshatra is ruled by Venus which will be in Cancer and Leo during much of the transit bringing out the darker side of this energy at times.   Jupiter will have to refrain from sensual and sexual indulgence and follow its dharma around spirituality and ethical behavior. If not, there will a huge expansion for a larger life of more food, sex, and adventure.    This can lead to a sense of feeling burdened, running around too much, having too much vigor, and acting too clever. The combination of Jupiter /Venus energy can be too expansive at times and you may find you are spending too much money on things that you do not need but have an out-of-control energy around shopping or going for that extra piece of cheesecake.

Jupiter and Venus are not friends and so if you are Sagittarius or Pisces rising you will have to learn to say no and stay in dharma with what is right and avoid temptations.  Planets going through a nakshatra can be partially eclipsed and this means that the energies of the constellation get distorted and they lose their identity.

Jupiter’s transit through the first pada of Bharani (Aries 13.20-16.40), from June 22-July 11th and this, can lead to great creativity and self-immersion and also can lead to extreme self-centeredness and strong willpower and being a know-it-all.  There will be extra energy and drive to accomplish great things for Sagittarius and Pisces.  rising natives, but watch out so you do not bowl over others.

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