Sun In Libra– Oct 17-Nov 16th–Loss of Leadership but Strong Teamwork


The Sun moves into Libra on Tuesday, October 17th, and stays there until November 16th. The Sun is moving toward the lowest point of the year of the Sun on October 27th at 10 degrees Libra. The Sun governs health, leadership confidence, and self-esteem for everyone, so this transit can bring about health issues, depression, poor decisions in government, and low self-esteem. The worst part of the transit is usually when the Sun is in the constellation of Swati, which is between October 23 – November 6th. This year the difficult part of the transit is early as the South Node, Ketu is at about 1 degree Libra so the Sun will go over Ketu on the 18th of Oct.  This conjunct will have an impact through Oct 22nd and tends to increase low self-esteem or create distorted egos and problems with leaders and government.    Jupiter is in Aries aspecting Libra this year and that will help toward the end of the transit with the exact opposition on Nov. 3rd

If you have an unafflicted Sun in Libra with benefic aspects from Jupiter, the positive side of this transit is that it may create some people that offer good sense, support, and charm and may bring out the ability to work with others better.  Libra and Aries rising may experience this a bit more. Scorpio rising may have the most trouble with it because it is a 12th house transit and can make them hidden from view and cause more serious emotional and self-confidence issues. Because of the Jupiter aspect of Libra this year, the bright side of teamwork and cooperation is that the Sun and Libra can be supported later in the month and the first few weeks of November. 

Gemini and Virgo rising may do okay with this transit. Bottom-line is that if the dark side comes up, find ways to do good self-talk and find the fire to move on and do great things if you feel stuck. Take care of your health this month, which means watching your diet and addictions and staying on top of your immune system.   Get more rest and take immune system enhancements like zinc, Vitamin C, colostrum, Vitamin D, and all those good things.

What does the Sun’s debilitation in Libra mean?  Here it may tend to sacrifice its principles and leadership abilities to get along with people and do things together. Hence it loses its power and leadership which may thrive more in isolation. There may be a lack of confidence where individuality gets lost in groups. If the Sun is not afflicted by other malefic planets, this can lead to good team players who can do better in groups than doing it alone. The Sun’s placement here would prefer to do things together rather than be independent and be subject to the challenges of working in groups and dealing with dissenting opinions hence it loses its power to lead. If the Sun is afflicted, it may get unbalanced and may be too tyrannical and demanding and lack compassion which is the hallmark of a good leader. While being more diplomatic, people born with the Sun in Libra (Oct. 17-Nov. 16) often fail to inspire or draw upon their power.

President Biden has his 10th house of status and power owned by the Sun and the transit into Libra will lead to new lows in leadership and new lows in the polls.   Biden will not do well as a Scorpio rising as it is a 12th house transit for him and may bring unexpected losses and expenditures and a lack of confidence in his presentations. The eclipse will also amplify this problem.

The Sun represents our inner Divinity and in Libra, it may get drawn more into a relationship and sexual intrigue rather than following its essential nature to be in meditation and seeking Oneness with the Creator. Hence it can move out of Dharma and forget its purpose. The Sun is debilitated in the constellation of Swati (Libra 6.40-20.00) which is a very material constellation ruled by Rahu and here the Sun forgets its spiritual mission and gets caught up in the material world.  This year the debilitation is partially cancelled by Venus’s transit through Libra.

If you are Leo rising and have Sun in Libra (born Oct. 17-Nov. 16th) you may tend to develop more health issues particularly if you deplete your energies with excessive sexual indulgences and conquests. You may lack the courage and leadership to inspire others because you lack the inner confidence to support others and this may lead to becoming a tyrannical boss to over-compensate for your lack of self-esteem.

The transit of the Sun into Vishaka Nakshatra (Libra 20-Scorpio 3.20)  November 6 – 19th,  connects it to Jupiter and it uplifts it so the worst part is the transit in the constellation Swati when it is connected with Rahu October 23 – November 6th.

For some people, the problem of a debilitated Sun is that the ego is too stuck and encrusted in its position. But for more people, it can create low self-esteem and depression, and then the ego is not good enough. It is all an illusion. You are Divine within. Fight off the negative self-talk. Do more meditation see beyond the puppet strings and realize your greatness! Sun salutations, the tree pose, and the peacock pose can support the fallen Sun this month. This is a third house afflicted transit for Leo rising and can create conflicts with younger siblings, and neighbors, or difficulties with communications. Leos should avoid angry communication or face some degree of regret.

As always, I stand on the shoulders of great teachers. Special thanks to Sam Geppi and his book, The Ascendant, for some of the insights from this article to Bill Levacy for his deep psychological insights, and to Sanjay Rath and Komilla Sutton for their deep understanding.

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