An annular Solar Eclipse will start on Oct. 14, 2023, at 12:12 pm EDT and end at 3:46 EDT with the max. point of the eclipse at 1:59 PM EDT.  Use to find your local times.  The eclipse point is 27-28 degrees Virgo and it is occurring at the New Moon conjunct Ketu which is still across the fence in early Libra in the constellation of Chitra, ruled by Mars.

Because the eclipse is occurring across the Northwest and Southwest United States during the day it will be the most significant eclipse for the US since August 2017, so it has to be paid attention to.  It is also hitting the US natal Saturn at 27 degrees Virgo in the US 10th house and this represents the President and Congress of the United States so it will have a very key impact and could mean a change of leadership over the next  6 months due to a health crisis for the President. It could also upset the labor market and create national emergencies. 

I have waited for weeks to write about the solar eclipse because people have been in fear of it for months and why waste months being in fear?  First of all, it is likely that during the actual eclipse, there may not be too many significant events because eclipses have more of a post-impact.   Secondly, planets going over the eclipse point will often trigger events so Mercury going over the eclipse point on Oct 18th the Sun hitting the eclipse point on Oct. 15th and Venus going over the eclipse point on Nov. 28th will be more significant.  

We have talked about meditating and fasting during the eclipse with no food 3 hours before and then not eating until 3 hours after the eclipse is over.  Water is fine but there is no agni to digest anything so even fruit should be avoided if you have blood sugar problems then take care of yourself.   Some people believe that if you have potential health problems in your chart in the coming months and that if you watch the eclipse, then they are more likely to manifest. Sun is a karaka or signifier for health so that makes sense. We do not recommend getting caught in the Media hype of people driving to watch the eclipse like it is so major movie event not to be missed. 

So the positives for the Solar eclipse are that it can make you sensitive to unseen realms and other realities and this can be jarring for ten emotions and psychology sometimes and can bring up fears and phobias, isolation, illusion, and paranoia.  Do not pay attention or act on thoughts during an eclipse.

Solar eclipses impact the soul level and the bright spot is that they may bestow keen psychological and philosophical or spiritual insights but examine them in common sense the next day. It is possible in rare instances that an eclipse can bring good fortune to the significance of the house being impacted.  Still, if you have planets within 5 degrees of the eclipse at 28 Virgo particularly the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven (10th house cusp), there may be a major impact.  Sometimes the impact can last for 6 months until the next eclipse.  The impact, if you have planets in that area would be connected to their significations so if you have Venus at 28 Virgo, your relationship may be impacted.  Transits are always secondary to the larger cycles running so if you are in the Sun period or Sun/Rahu or Sun/Ketu and you are Leo rising and there is a sensitive hit to your chart, you will be impacted more.  Solar eclipse may impact your relationship with your father more so not a great time to get into a huge fight with him if you can.

Because this eclipse is happening during the daytime and is visible in the US, it will impact the US over the next 6 months. There can even be positives about it.

Lately, I am not into predicting mundane events around the eclipse because I think we just need to stay out of fear be in the moment, and help others if world tragedy develops.  Can we prevent these things?  Do I need a big ego and strokes for predicting tragedy somewhere?  What’s the point?  React and donate if anything happens and chances are it will be weeks later anyway.

Having watched so many fear events from Y2K to the Mayan Calendar over the years, the fear is always worse than whatever happens.   Trust the Divine to take care of you. Help others who are impacted and have no awareness of the emotional and psychological impact and know that all change is good and that the Divine has a plan no matter what happens.    We are here to enjoy the world and not to live in fear and cower in the closet.  Still, I am not in favor of watching it.  Stay away from the media hype around it as they are usually wrong and so ruled by Rahu these days that they will be the only ones empowered by it to cause more harm and create more fear. (sigh)  Use the eclipse to transform deep patterns in your life and enjoy!


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