One of the most common questions that comes up in readings is connected to career and life purpose.  They are not always in sync.  We all know people who are talented musicians and that is what they have to but they cannot earn a living from it and end up waiting on tables to pay the rent.  There are also deeper issues with this incarnation and karma that have to be worked out and we have discussed that in articles on Atmakarka:  and we have a videotape on YouTube around that.

I  have some new insights on the question and the central question is around Dharma, what I have to do to maintain my evolutionary path and purpose on the planet.  The problem is that if malefics like Rahu or afflicted ego-centered planets like the Sun and Mars influence the wrong areas of the chart, may steer us away from our purpose for the following reasons:

  • Following someone else’s nature we admire like a six-year-old wanting to be a star baseball player.
  • Parental pressures and pressures from relatives are something that they think we should do.
  • Pressure and competition from close friends influence us in the wrong way so that we can be better.
  • Doing something to earn great wealth or fame rather than taking a path that easily earns you a lot of money but does not provide fulfillment.

In many of the above circumstances, our motivation is ego-driven and self-centered.

In contrast, if you follow your correct dharma, your purpose will
     1) Provide high levels of fulfillment through your passion to create a difference in society and other’s lives.

  2) The ability to work long hours at work and do hard work but not notice it.

   3) Your heart is connected to living your purpose.  You are naturally creative.

The issue of career and life purpose has fascinated me for years and the answer is often trying to find coherence in many different ways of rotating the chart. Here are some things to look at:

1) The 10th from the moon in the Moon Chart (Chandra Lagna) is the job and career you would like to do and will often indicate when you will start your work career.

2) The Sun chart tells how we appear in the world and is very connected to finance and profession.  The planet in the 4th house from the Sun and the owner of the 4th house from the Sun will tell us what ideal profession will make our hearts sing.    Planets 10th from the Sun will reveal the karma you were born to serve society.

3) The Amatyakaraka is the planet with the 2nd highest degrees in a chart and in Jamini astrology it is connected to the 2nd, 10th, and 11th houses. The planet ruling it may have a key influence on your career.  My Amatyakaraka is Jupiter and I have always been most happy teaching and being involved in research and knowledge.

4) The D-9 chart can reveal your talents.  The rising sign of the D-9 chart will reveal your inner talents.  Planets in the 10th house or the owner of the 10th house will show our primary focus on life in terms of activity and what we like to do. Gemini is the owner of my 10th house in the D-9 and my whole life has revolved around teaching, writing, libraries, and everything Gemini and the love of reading.

5) The 4 Aims of Life in Vedic culture (Purushartas)  are Moksha and the quest for liberation or enlightenment;  Dharma for upholding and protecting the laws of society;  Artha or Business to support material existence.  Kama or pleasure and relationship energy to connect people through communication. These are connected to the major castes: The teachers and priests or Brahmins of our society,  the soldiers and policemen and judges who are the Kshatriya who protect our society; the businessmen or the Merchants who provide the infrastructure to support the growth of society and the worker class or shudras who work for the businessmen.  There are also the farmers, the butchers ( probably an ancient form of sacrificial priest), and the outcasts who are responsible for changing out-mode societal structures.

In the Nakshatras we can connect the chart to different castes and there are ways to look at the D-9 chart to see what is your primary life path in this lifetime. It is rather complicated to discuss here.

6) Several Jamini charts reveal life purpose and talents.  The Karakamsha Navamsha chart which rotates the D-9 chart around the Atmakaraka is very revealing for seeing your talents in its 1st, 5th, and 9th houses.  The Karakamsha Rashi chart which integrates the rotated D9 with the Rashi chart is very revealing for seeing life’s purpose.  My Karakamsha rashi chart is Gemini rising with Jupiter and Ketu in the 1st and Mercury the Lord of Gemini in the 9th.  Teaching spiritual knowledge and Jyotish is very clear in that chart.

7) The Arudha lagna chart shows us how people see us and it may be very different from how we feel inside.  I have a friend with Rahu conjunct the Arudha lagna and he looks like a gangster, has played parts like that in films and I never trust him. I am Capricorn rising in Arudha with Venus cojunction that chart and people see me as a friendly and prosperous businessman and it impacts my career.

8) The 10th house of the natal chart is not really about career although it may have a small impact it shows your attitude toward work. So Ketu and Mercury and the Moon if afflicted are most problematic there as you may be all over the place mentally about work and what you are doing and not poised to settle down because you are too scattered.

9) The D-10 or Dashamsha chart and the lord of the 10th and the 10th lord of D-1 chart will also tell us about career and there is rich information there throughout.

This is a fascinating topic and one has to integrate pull and synthesize all of these components to come up with an answer. It can be complicated if the different components are out of synch and helping people requires creating coherence around them. We have divided this course into two parts with the first 8 week part centered on Life Purpose from Jaimini Astrology and the Atmakaraka and the related charts generated from it as well as the Navamsha chart. 



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