Jupiter Direct in Aries Dec. 30th– Time for Expansion in Business


The bright spot for the week is that Jupiter now is turning direct on Saturday, Dec 30th at 940 pm EST at about 11 degrees of Aries and will continue in direct motion until it retrogrades in Taurus in the fall. 

Jupiter is very powerful in the sky when it is stationary a week before and after its stationary action and Donald Trump has a stationary Jupiter in his natal chart in the 2nd house in Virgo and creates great power for wealth.

Jupiter Retrograde since September has a great deal to do with marketing and expansion delays and now those projects can move forward in business so things will happen more now if you have been stuck with business expansion.

If you are Sagittarius or Pisces or Aries rising or in a Jupiter period, or if you have Jupiter in the 1st house,  this energy shift will be felt dramatically.   Retrograde benefics are more powerful and we will lose some of the extra boost in the direct movement now.  Jupiter is still in the constellation of Ashwini (Aries 0-13.20), owned by Ketu, until Feb. 2nd  and that association is good for spiritual development and devotion to teachers and Gurus and will support medical and natural health activities. It is in Pada 4 owned by Cancer where it is exalted and supports higher consciousness and moksha.

Jupiter governs the higher mind, wisdom, religion, charity, good deeds, children, husbands, and the kapha element (earth/water) in Ayurveda. It’s movement forward now should improve all these things.  

We have an unusual trine in the fire signs between Jupiter in Aries aspecting Mars in Sagittarius and Sun in Sagittarius and this should support dharma and right action and create numerous powerful yogas for Sagittarius and Aries and Scorpio rising.   Sun and Mars in Sagittarius want to support law and order and now Jupiter moving direct will support the ability to handle the riots and other bizarre things happening in our world.  Let’s hope for a big restoration of natural law and rooting out corruption over the next few months. 

So enjoy the expansion of Jupiter this week.   

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