Venus in Scorpio–Passion and Conflict–Dec 25-Jan. 18th


Venus moves into Scorpio on Dec. 25th   and it is an afflicted transit due to  a trine from Rahu in Pisces that can increase sensual and sexual craving and a the 10th house square from Saturn in Aquarius  The Rahu trine can   increase spending and sensual indulgence but always feels good.   The Saturn square can balance some of those energies out but when it is exact on Jan. 1, it may dampen fun at your N Year’s part and create some sadness for Libra and Taurus rising.

Venus in Scorpio will be passionate but also capable of being independent and has a lot of adolescent energy and a love of adventure, artistic creativity, and public speaking.  It is a 2nd house transit for Libras which will focus on family and finances and a 7th house transit for Taurus which could bring up a new relationship or trip.

Scorpio is an intense sign of the zodiac and has many blind spots and Venus in Scorpio may experience some.  Blind spots for Scorpios include having trouble making changes around work home and relationships as a fixed sign and being too often filled with emotional upheavals and being too manipulative to avoid l and this leads to being controlling. Scorpios must learn how to open their hearts without ambition or fear or control!

Ketu is the co-ruler of Scorpio which is the natural house of transformations, mistakes, loss of consciousness, and past karma. Each planet in the 8th house shows our unawareness and past mistakes so it represents core blind spots in our life that our soul has. It is like a factory error in our life that we are blind to when we buy it.   Planets placed in Scorpio naturally get connected to past lives and core-level blind spots.

Scorpio teaches us that our original mistake is the identification with the body as the self when it is so much more as Ketu and the 8th house remind us of our mystical inner Divinity and sometimes we are prompted to do this by going through the 8th house challenges like divorce, acute illness and litigation to remember that life is so much bigger and so we can be prompted to discover God.

Venus enters the constellation of Anuradha (Scorpio 3.20-16.40)  Dec 27-Jan 7th . Prash Trivedi reminds us that the constellation of Anuradha is connected to Mitra, the God of Light and this transit can awaken one’s connection to the Divine. This can enliven and awaken spiritual life. If you were born November 19 – December 2nd and have your Sun here, you may have a strong spiritual inclination, which will be enlivened by this transit.  Anuradha signifies good luck to those who have been following dharmic paths and are true devotees of God. It is connected to networking, friendship, goodwill, and partnership.

Saturn’s ownership of this constellation can bring great teachings of cosmic truths if you can lean to move to the highest level of knowledge of responsibility for the planet and self-realization.

 Venus moves into the constellation of Jyestha (Scorpio 16.41-29.59) Jan. 7-Jan 18th.    Jyestha is a rather sexual constellation connected to Indra who was punished for his sexual escapades and dalliances by being cursed with having 1000 vaginas put on him.  Venus is Jyestha will bring out Venus’s sexual nature and may become overindulgent and think that sex is the penultimate experience in life this could lead to unwise relationships and unhappy situations so be sure to tread carefully if you are tempted to connect with someone for fun at a party.


( Special thanks to all my teachers and Komilla Sutton and Prash Trivedi for their knowledge of the nakshatras)

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