JANUARY 2024  

By Barry Rosen

The bright spots:

Mercury is trined by Jupiter on Jan.  19th

Venus trined by Jupiter into Jan. 28th

Jupiter exalted in the D9/Navamsha Chart through Feb. 1st.

Mars in Sagittarius into Feb. 5th; Mars combustion ends Jan. 16th

Jupiter trines Mars into Jan. 12th.

Sun in Sagittarius until Jan. 14th

Sun in Capricorn Jan 14-Feb. 12th

Vedic Holiday—Makara Sankranti Jan. 14 for the start of the Business Year.

Sun in Abhijit Nakshatra Jan. 19-24th


Except for the new moon, the week of Jan. 8-14th is expansive with Jupiter still increasing optimism with its trine to the Sun and increasing creative and expansive activity with the trine to Mars.  Aries Scorpios and Leo Rising are blessed with good luck and spiritual growth.  Venus also has an 8th house aspect to Uranus in Aries on Jan. 14th and that increases creativity and could be the last peak for the stock market in January. Mercury has troubles through Jan. 8-9th being in late and early degrees of Scorpio and Sagittarius so Geminis and Virgos may have emotional grunge and old patterns to work through and communications are still complicated.

Jupiter trines Mercury through Jan. 19th and that supports writing and speaking and communication and getting it right and truthful for the cause.   Venus moves into Sagittarius on Jan. 18th and goes through the gandanta area Jan. 18th-19th and gets squared by Neptune increasing emotional turbulence and confusion and Taurus and Libra rising will have more trouble with this.

The Sun transits through Abhijit nakshatra (4-10 Capricorn) which is auspicious for leadership and spiritual development between Jan. 19-Jan. 24th. Sun in Capricorn starts its transit through the Northern Hemisphere and is considered good for the business cycle and business expansion through mid-July.


The More Challenging Spots:

Sun conjunct Pluto Jan. 20th.

Mercury in Scorpio/Sagittarius gandanta until Jan. 11th—worst over by Jan. 8th

New Moon in Sagittarius/PurvaShadha Nakshatra Jan. 11th.

Mercury within 5 degrees of Mars Jan. 18-31st.

Mercury in Mula Nakshatra (Sagittarius 0-13.20) Jan 8-14th

Mars in Mula Nakshatra (Sagittarius 0-13.20) until 14th


The most challenging part of the month is that Mars and Mercury are together within 5 degrees between Jan. 18-31st.  Watch travel focus on the road and avoid arguing in the car.  Look at whether being right is more important than harmony let go of ego and avoid the need to fight.

Mercury is still rather weak into Dec. 10th being in the emotional knotted area at the end of Scorpio and into Sagittarius.  Do more exercise if you are plowing through emotional grunge.

Sun conjunct Pluto can bring power struggles with fathers, bosses, and other authoritarian figures and can increase anger and too much energy in the solar plexus.  Drink calming herbal teas and decide if it’s worth it to fight.


ABOUT BARRY ROSEN: Barry Rosen has been teaching classes in Investment Astrology since 1990 and began teaching the other aspects of Vedic astrology specialized courses online in 2017, including Dashas, Transits, Personal Finance, Health, Longevity, and Death, Nakshatras, The Spiritual Dimensions of Vedic Astrology, Secrets of the Houses, Relationships and many more. In his consultations, he focuses more on the emotional and mental patterns in the chart and their impact on consciousness which can create waves of illusion blocking you. A good consultation should help you witness the play of karma so that you are not gripped by it; you can transcend it and realize your Divinity, becoming the commander of the planets and not the victim. Barry Rosen also operates a blog on Facebook under Barry Rosen and Astro-Yoga and his professional astrological website is www.appliedvedicastrology.com. He can be reached at support@appliedvedicastrology.com.




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