Mundane Astrological Highlights for 2024-25– A Look Ahead



I have steered away from Mundane astrological predictions over the last few years as they make no one happy and there are always X-factors.  Still, I get many people asking me so this is what I saw when I looked into it.    You can turn on the news, and you are filled with dread anyway but we have to remember that God is running the show even if politicians and power figures think they can wield their power and are exempt from repercussions, Divine justice will eventually prevail.

Still, 2024 is a difficult year.  In the 60-year cycle in Vedic Mundane astrology known as Samvatsara. The Vedic New Year which begins April 8 2024 with the New Moon in Pisces which is also this year happens to be the Solar Eclipse that is hitting the US during the daytime and seems to be a rather inauspicious omen.

It is the Year of Krodhin which we last saw in 1964-5 and 1904-5.

The Year of Krodhin is described as follows:

Krodhī (क्रोधी) refers to the thirty-eighth of the sixty-year cycle of Jupiter, according to the Bṛhatsaṃhitā (chapter 8), an encyclopedic Sanskrit work written by Varāhamihira mainly focusing on the science of ancient Indian astronomy (Jyotiṣa).—Accordingly, “The first year of the next yuga sacred to Viśvedeva is Śobhakṛt; the next year is known as Subhakṛt; the third is Krodhī; and the remaining years are known as Viśvāvasu and Parābhava. During the first two years, mankind will be happy; during the third, they will feel exceedingly miserable and during the last two years they will be neither happy nor miserable; but in the year Parābhava there will be fear from fire and suffering from weapons and disease; the Brāhmins and cows will also suffer”.

Source: The effect of Samvatsaras: Satvargas

Krodhin (क्रोधिन्) refers to the thirty-eighth saṃvatsara (“jovian year)” in Vedic astrology.—The native born in the ‘samvatsara’ of ‘krodhin’ is cruel-eyed, cruel natured, has great love for his wife and is dear to her, is extremely haughty or proud, puts obstacles in the way of some other person and is hot-tempered or prone to anger.

According to Jataka Parijata, the person born in the year Krodhin (2024-2025 AD) will be an adulterer, addicted to evil ways, crafty, and of an angry temperament. (Wikipedia,

In looking historically at 1964-5 and 1904-5, there were major events but not as dire as the Jataka Parijata would suggest.  In 1964, Vietnam fired on US ships in the Gulf of Tonkin eventually leading to retaliation and the Vietnam war.  Major Civil Rights Legislation was signed by Lyndon Johnson and Martin Luther King received the Nobel Peace Prize.  In 1904-5, Teddy Roosevelt was re-elected and the Japanese-Russian War held the headlines.  January 1905 was very significant with the start of the Russian Revolution. Wikipedia highlights it: “The Russian Revolution of 1905, also known as the First Russian Revolution, began on 22 January 1905. A wave of mass political and social unrest then began to spread across the vast areas of the Russian Empire. The unrest was directed primarily against the Tsar, the nobility, and the ruling class. It included worker strikes, peasant unrest, and military mutinies.”   For those of you who studied film history, the famous film Battleship Potemkin is a reminder of those events.

Given this background noise, the chance of a war involving Taiwan seems to be increasing into 2025. The US and the Military industrial complex care little about anything else and unfortunately with history of Pluto returns (every 248 years and connected to the 1776 US Chart), nations go through a major peak in power and eventual decay due to overspending,  , irresponsible wars and corruption.  We have seen this with the longer civilizations like Rome and the UK which declined after their Pluto returns.  Juliana Swanson gave an excellent talk on this at Joni Patry’s conference in Dallas in 2023. No, the world will not end in 2024 and the US will not be destroyed but the levels of change and transformation for our country may be as significant as 1776 when the US revolution and Pluto at 7 degrees Capricorn began our great country.  Can we rise up and transform and keep our values or devolve?   The US Rahu period which goes until 2033 suggests continued problems with immigration and economic transformations as was the case between 1895-1913.    I have written about all of this in past articles and in my almanacs 2018-20.

Here is the New Moon Chart and Solar Eclipse chart  for the New Year is April 8, 2024 at 2:21 pm, in Washington, DC

We will analyze it as a later date.   The ruler of the year should be Mars as the New Year is after Sunrise with Mars/Saturn conjunct within 2 degrees in the 8th house. The chart lord the Moon is in the 9th house with Venus and Rahu which could help guide a successful and smooth transition and transformation of the United States. It will seem very rocky at times.  We can run dashas for the year using the one year Ashottari Dasha technique and will play with it later.

We can look at the transits of the larger planets to get a handle on the year.  Jupiter goes into Taurus, May 24, 2024, and will trine the Pluto return to the US natal chart at 7 degrees in June.  This will be a protective factor for June with Jupiter trining natal Pluto as Pluto goes over the natal Pluto of the US chart, June 4, 1776 at 6:18 pm, Philadelphia.  Jupiter’s supportive trine will be there in 2024-25 but its waning aspect later in the year will not have as strong influence as it hits Taurus 27 by October when it goes retrograde on Oct. 9th.   Still, I think it protects the year with some grace.

The US crisis into May 2024 with the Pluto return and the 2nd Solar Eclipse over the US is likely to trigger something more dire and it may mean a temporary economic collapse so that the government can take more control.   How else do you solve a crisis with trillions of dollars of debt and not become Zimbabwe? War? Pandemics? It seems that government is all about power and control and not helping the people. Will new leaders rise up to change our deteriorating situation?   There is some hope in the annual chart with Jupiter in the 10th house in Aries but the dispositor Mars is in Rahu’s nakshatra Satabhishaka of technology and conjunct Saturn in the 8th house.  Having a change of leadership seems inevitable. Clearly there are also too many false hopes around AI and its misuse seems inevitable.

Taurus is about finance and food and Jupiter in Taurus will find creative solutions to banking and food problems but it is in an enemy’s sign.  This is not like 1932 and the Depression because we can create phony electronic money out of thin air but who will continue to finance US debt and our wars?   Can the US bond market survive ?  We cannot help but think that the 34 trillion dollars in US debt will start causing problems by the spring with Jupiter in Taurus. We have a first peak for gold into July 2024 but gold and silver prices seem strong in 2025 and will take over dominance in our financial system.

Trillions of dollars of debt creation around the world can only be managed by an economic reset and the CBDC Central Banker advocates know how to take control of you amid a crisis.  This is something being planned around the world and Europe is much farther along in being ready to implement it.   The good news is that the Central Banks can create money out of thin error and give you access to it electronically. The bad news is that they can control and watch how you spend that money.  Have you been a good boy or girl this month and reduced carbon emissions or are you supporting the “correct” political party?   Cash will be phased out and this is the end of freedom if we let it happen. I suspect we should  keep buying those bags of silver quarters pre 1964.  We do not think Bitcoin will save the world as it can easily be regulated it out of existence and it should top in January 2024 with a secondary high. Some of the dasha cycles are strong into 2026  but when we look at the history of gold during the Depression, you have to wonder at one point when will the government step in.

Saturn in Aquarius will be in direct motion until June 29th this year and will get to 25 degrees in the new constellation of Purva Bhadrapada (Aquarius 20-Pisces 3.20). Saturn is fiercer during its retrograde motion on June 30-Nov. 15th but still it beckons us to deal with humanitarian issues and support natural disasters with compassion and action.   Still, the symbolic god of Purvabhadrapada (Aquarius 20-Cancer 3.20) is Aja Ekapada which is connected to austerity, symbolized by the deity standing on 1 foot  and is a form of Lord Rudra /and Shiva.  It   suggests that if there are economic challenges, we will have to persevere with  a stoic nature. It is good to become more self-sufficient and plant your gardens and get your own energy sources from solar and wind power so if you have been putting it off, something to do this year. We do not want to get into survival fear mode but the next year promised major changes and being prepared is always a good thing.

Rahu is in Pisces until March 2025 and can create problems with floods and Tsunamis while Ketu in Virgo will increase earthquakes. Activity in Japan so far as been ominous and they seem vulnerable this year and volcanic rumblings in Iceland are reminder that nature and earth changes can happen and it is not necessarily from Global Warming.  Any year this can happen, but one has a sense it will be amplified during the Year of Krohdin.  As Rahu moves toward Neptune into the Spring of 2025, it may offer creative solutions to the earth’s new challenges at the same time it will foster new escapism and spiritual bypassing to tune it out.

We always have to look closely at the outer planets when we do Mundane astrological predictions.   Uranus moves into Taurus on June 1, 2024, and goes into Krittika Nakshatra (Aries 27-Taurus 10) on April 1, 2024.  It will be conjunct Jupiter on  April 20th.  Usually this is a good aspect for technology stocks and may mark the last high for Nasdaq for the year in late April.  Still, the stock market will correct until late Feb. once it peaks by Jan. 14-16th.  Still, Uranus in Taurus is likely to disrupt the economic and banking system which is centered in Taurus and we can see that building up with trillions of dollars in world debt.   The trine from Pluto in Capricorn to Uranus in Taurus is not exact until August 2025 but its influence over 2024-25 will suggest strong economic and world restructuring. Jupiter in Taurus until June 14, 2025, will give the world’s economic structure some creative power and  Divine support.

Is there a bright side?  There are also many wonderful spiritual openings happening this year in January with the planets moving through Mula Nakshatra (Sagittarius 0-13.20) and Rahu in Pisces and Jupiter is exalted in the D9 chart in Ashwini Nakshatra /Pada 4 connected with Cancer Navamsha until Feb 2nd  so the grace of God for Moksha is pouring in for spiritual upliftment and peaking into Jan. 15th.  Great Gurus and teachers are also seeing these energies and holding courses and events to lift mankind. We will all be needed to help others as our planet changes. There is nothing to be  scared of as Death is the biggest illusion and these changing financial times help motivate people to turn to God. I remember 1973-74 when the stock market fell 50% and people poured into the meditation centers to seek relief from anxiety.  Ultimate we have to  realize the illusion of the material world with its cycle of greed and power and control and history tells us that humanity advances and evolves even through difficult times. The baby boomers have to be grateful for many years of peace and prosperity we will born into after the ravages of World War 2.

So remember that the Divine hand of God is there behind the scenes guiding and supporting.  Even when the architect is demolishing an old building he has a vision of what new one will be created on the site.  There is potential for a great transformation this year and next but you have to stay out of fear and turn off the television and do your local part to help others in your community.

We cannot live in fear but have to be creative and wise and prepared and know that better things will come.  The Divine can only handle so much corruption and disregard for the pollution and disregard for the life on the planet that  something has to set it right.

Remember that your goal is  to rise in personal consciousness, help others and you will always be protected so continue to develop good karma by helping others. I will continue to write more about this year but it is important to stay out of fear. The media continues to whip up a storm of division and confusion   so continue to look for the truth.   With my deepest love. Happy New Year (Barry)






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