Mercury the trickster and jokester, the businessman and the one that grounds us to practical earthy matters and fosters communication and writing will be transiting the sign of Scorpio again now until Christmas.   It is a relatively unafflicted transit except for its mental association with Saturn during its transit through Anuradha nakshatra Dec 7-16th.   What does it mean? Mars, the ruler of Scorpio and Mercury are the bitterest enemies. At best, it may create quick-witted speaking, strength in technical and mechanical and medical work and being quick to solve problems. I often find in finance it may lead to deals and corporate takeovers

For the first few days into Dec. 7th,   it is channeling the Jupiter’s energy in Vishaka Nakshatra (Libra 20-Scorpio 3.20) but will move into and then channel’s Saturn’s energy in Anaradha (Scorpio 3.21-16.40) Dec 7-16th.  Anuradha is connected to friendships and spiritual networking the connection there will promote friendships and spiritual outreach but with the channel of Saturn’s energy, it might bring a bit too much negative thinking and pessimism so be aware not to get caught up in negative thinking and not plant weed seeds.

The dark side of Mars/Mercury associations is that it creates angry moods, slow deliberate thinking, strong achievement and ambition, aggressive confrontations and arguments, and ruthlessness around achieving ones’ goals. Also, you have to be very careful to not get into heated arguments while driving as this can lead to reckless behavior and potential accidents. I often find that accidents are a pinnacle of rage that bubbles up in arguments. So, if this happens to you, pullover, and fight it out — but not while driving. You may need to be most careful here particularly if you have a Mars/Mercury association in your natal chart.

Mercury in the natural 8th house of Scorpio is about transcendental thinking. People with Mercury in their 8th houses are quick minded, have good research abilities and mystical interests, deep meditations and philosophical insights.  This transit could support deep research and occult inquiries.  Mars and Mercury will at least stay separate as Mars goes into Scorpio on Dec. 25th the day that Mercury moves into Sagittarius.

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