The yogi point can give a secret point of prosperity and luck in your chart and is connected to the daily relationship between the Sun and the Moon.   It is connected to the daily panchanga. Every day as the Sun and Moon move away from each other they create a Nitha Yoga.   Think of a scissors that is totally closed at the new moon and then opens gradually as the Sun and Moon move toward full moon and 180 degrees and then towards waning again. The various angles of the scissors creates key energy for your personal chart and for daily timing for muhurthas.

There are 27 Nithayogas  and they are counted from Pushya and they get tied to the 27 Nakshatras.  So Nithayoga 1 is called Vishkumbha and is connected to the Nakshatra of Pushya  and Nithyayoga 2 is called Preeti and is connected to the constellation of Ashlesha is the Yogi planet becomes Mercury. Certain Nitya yogas are more challenging emotionally and psychologically such as numbers 6, 9, 10, 13, 17 and 27.    These are often inauspicious days for starting major undertakings and I find they they are stressful. Consult your daily Panchanga for details.  The next two challenging Nithayoga are No. 6 on Sept. 4th and No. 9 and Sept 7th. I have often noticed that markets are more volatile on inauspicious nithyayoga days.

The exact degree of the nitya yoga becomes the yogi point.  Most Jyotish software can calculate this point.   The ruler of the Nakshatra of the yogi planet becomes a good luck planet and the rule of the sign that the yogi point is in becomes a secondary or duplicate yogi or good luck influence.   The Nakshatra 6th from the Yogi point becomes a bad luck point called the Avayoga.

Benefics transiting over your yogi point will bring major material success so having slow moving transits like Jupiter, which would happen every 12 years, might bring a longer period of luck when they transit through the auspicious nakshatra that the yogi point is in whereas quicker transits may bring quick gains.  The house  that your Yogi Point is in may benefit great. I have my Yogi Point in Aquarius in my 4th house and I have always had great luck with real estate, homes, and vehicles.

The Avayogi is the 6th Nakshatra from the Yogi Nakshatra and can be a bad luck planet for finances and planets owning that and their cycles may bring more difficult situations.

I have also seen clients who are investors make a great day of money when Jupiter went over their yogi point and through its nakshatra and then retrograde back over it for a while.  This was further enhanced by other dasha indicators.

The duplicate yogi is the sign that the Yogi Planet is in and good and can give good results.   For compatibility in relationship, if your partner’s ascendent rule is your yogi planet, it brings good fortune to the relationship whereas if it is the avayogi planet (owner of 6th nakshatra from the Yogi), it can bring pain, debt and incompatibility.  It is a great blessing to have the rising sign as a yogi planet.

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