This may seem a bit technical but it is key and is often missed in looking at natal charts or in transit and it is called Ashtamamsha which means there is a 8  relationship between planets in the D1 and their placements in the D9.   This can be interpreted as follows for planets in the 4th Pada of the Nakshatra Mula:  Sometimes  materialism and security are destroyed  in order to create moksha and can cut you away from those you love. If you have key planets from 10-13.20, this may come up at certain times in your life or during the upcoming key transit if it is there in your natal chart and you are running a Jupiter period.

For seasoned astrologers you always have to look at the transposition of a planet from the natal chart to the Navamsha chart.  If a planet moves 6, 8 or 12 signs from the natal chart to the navamsha chart, it looses strength.  with an 8th house transposition , there is an inner tension created and a lack of cohesion between the natal chart and navamsha chart. This can create a disconnection or block in the soul’s ability to achieve its purpose and can create inner conflicts than can pull an individual in two directions.   There 8 places in the zodiac where this happens. If you have planets in any of the following places, you would have this relationship but the interpretation will vary on the planet, its dignity and your rising sign:

Aries Rising/ Scorpio Navamsha  23.20-26.40 Aries (Bharani 4)

Gemini/Capricorn Navamsha : 10.00-13.20 Gemini (Ardra 2)

Cancer/Aquarius  :  23.20-26.40 Cancer  (Ashlesha 3)

Virgo/Aries      Virgo 10.00-13.20  (Hasta 1)

Libra/Taurus:   Libra 23.20-26.40 (Vishaka 2)

Sagittarius/Cancer   10.00-13.20 Sagittarius  (Mula/4)

Capricorn/Leo    23.20-26.40 Capricorn  Dhanishta 1

Pisces/Libra   10:00-13.20  Pisces  (Uttarbhadrapada 2)

So only 8 of the 108 Padas in the Zodiac have this problem but given that you have 9 planets, the chances of having this placement are stronger than you might expect and that is why you have to understand that each microscopic piece of information gives you more details about the soul.

If you do not notice the twisted 8 house relationship, you may misinterpret and think there is strength in the D9 chart:   For example:

Mars in Scorpio Navamsha in Aries Rising:  Mars at 23.20-26.40 Aries :
Bharani/4 needs to learn discipline and understand the blocks in life and knowledge around death and transformation
Venus in Taurus, Navamsha in Libra. : Venus at 23.20-26.40 Libra
Vishakha/2:  Shows you heaven but does not give it you.
Jupiter in Sagittarius: Cancer Navamsha : Jupiter in Sagittarius 10.00-13.20  It’s exalted in the Navamsha but the 8th house transposition may give problems with loss of Guru or Husband or children to teach you and inspire you to move to the spiritual world.
Venus in Libra Navamsha and its exalted sign of Pisces  : Venus at 10:00-13.20 Pisces
UttaraBhadrapada 3: Deals with final relationship struggles before they can embrace spirituality.


The other Ashtamamsha positions can be interpreted as follows:

Ashlesha/3:  Is learning the poisons of life to embrace and understand pain
Hasta/1:  Gives mental distress and lack of peace of mind; material aspirations create conflict with a more spiritual path.


Dhanishta/1:  Make you satisfy others needs above your own; unfulfilled personal ambitions can create frustration


Mula/4 : Sometimes  materialism and security are destroyed  in order to create moksha and can cut you away from those you love


Ardra/2:  Creates desire for perfection where we destroy what does not match up


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  • Techniques for rectification.
  • Can the D9 Chart be read separately as a soul chart/  rising signs in the D9 and their meaning.
  • Multiple uses of the D-9 Chart for hidden strengths, talent, disappointments.
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  • Basics of Jamini Astrology and Rotated Navamsha Chart for Soul Inquiry and Purushartas or Dominant Aim of Life 
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  • Health Challenges of the 64th Navamsha and 4th house in D9
  • Special Types of Padas and their Real Meaning:  Vargottama, Pushkara and Ashtamamsha
  • Talents in Navamsha Chart and Potential Talents and Desires in the Atmakarka Navamsha  (Karakamsha) Chart 
  • Understanding the Earth, Water, Fire, and Air Padas for Interpretation.
  • Special Dashas for Timing with the Navamsha Chart

People born on the same day with the same rising sign are very different and even twins born minutes apart are very different.  Vedic astrology is like reading strands of DNA.  You can go very deep in understanding Karma when you look at the divisional charts and see how they interact with the main chart.

This course seeks to offer deeper depth into seeing the deeper values operating and when they manifest in someone’s life.  We will focus on the most used and needed Varga chart which is the Navamsha chart which has a myriad of uses from looking at relationship, hidden talents and good luck, soul purpose and much more.

Classes are two hours and may have bonus tapes to watch before class.  Missed classes are available to replay 4 hours after the live class ends.

A basic knowledge of Vedic astrology is required. The class is being geared to benefit basic astrological students as well as those with a more advanced background. Please email questions directly to Barry Rosen at


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