Sun is at the lowest point of the year this week into Oct. 27th at 10 degrees Libra and this can bring on depression, low self-esteem and lack of confidence, poor leadership and health issues.   Find ways to combat depression by doing more exercise, meditation, positive self-talk, yoga. The tree pose will help bring in more solar energy into the crown chakra and even a simple touching the toes exercise will stimulate the solar plexus which may be a bit imploded by this transit so it digestion may be sluggish and stomach fire or weak agni   Avoid staying alone and get out with people which stimulates the Libra energy and that will help any isolation and depression.  There are herbal formulas for depression like St Johns Wart and numerous Bach Flower remedies and these may be needed but just getting out and being with people can help most.  Seek help from a professional if it gets severe but realize it is just a cloud in front of the Sun and it will pass and get much better by Nov. 6th when Sun leaves Swati and moves into a new constellation connected to Jupiter.  tree-pose

Moon into Scorpio, Nov 1-3th and conjunct Saturn into Nov. 2nd may be the peak of the depression energy.  Remember exercise, yoga and meditation and go a long way to combat these feelings. We do not have to be a victim of them and luckily the moon moves quickly.

Mercury is conjunct the Sun into Oct. 27th and this can bring on intense “busy-ness” of mind, nervousness, mental agitation, over-thinking and over-intellectualizing, poor communications.  Both are in the constellation of Swati, ruled by Rahu which promotes restlessness, adaptability, roaming. It is one of the more material stars connected to the achievement-orientated sign of Libra. Virgos and Geminis will feel this most so slow down and make sure you get your meditation in. If you have access to an Ayurvedic clinic, this is a great week to get a therapy where warm oil is dripped on your forehead (Shiryadara)  to calm the mind down. Drink soothing herbal teas and just slow down.

Venus is moving toward conjunction with Saturn into Saturday, Oct. 29th. Venus uplifts Saturn but Saturn can bring on depression and sadness particularly for women and signs ruled by Venus such as Libra and Taurus rising. This aspect can bring restraint for these rising Libra and Taurus rising  and some self-indulgence and relationship problems. It may create separation from loved ones or a break-up.   Seek the advice of older and wiser women if you need help with a relationship crisis.  Venus moves out of Scorpio and away from Saturn by Nov. 9th so the impact is still there a few weeks but most intense into Friday, Oct. 28th ruled by Venus.  The lion pose in yoga can stimulate the 2nd chakra and the planet Venus and support creative and sexual energy if it gets too low and depressed by Saturn.


Ketu is now about two degrees (true node system) from the planet Neptune and that peaks into Nov. 16th.  This transit deserves an entire article and we have not really seen it since Jan. 2000 right after everyone was worried about the world ending with Y2K at the turn of the millennium.

My friend Juliana Swanson notes the positive energy of the transit:  “Ketu and Neptune are significators of spiritual enlightenment. In the sign of the Water Bearer — Aquarius — they can each individually and also together exponentially represent some deep awareness of Oneness; a desire for emotional attunement to higher dimensions; and a dissolution of certain boundaries. They can urge us to escape reality in either a constructive or destructive way, depending on our individualized and collective state of evolution.”

On a broader basis as Juliana notes, Neptune in Aquarius, which goes on until 2023, characterizes a “a period of mass deception, confusion and delusion amid political and social upheaval.”

So while we will get a peak in the weird political energy within a few weeks of the election, the deception of the media and politicians may be with us for another 6-7 year although Neptune will go into Jupiter’s nakshatra of Purvabhadrapada in March 2018 and support more truth.

Rahu finally moves past three degrees from the Square from Saturn after Halloween and this will help bring down the intensity and anxiety that has been in the air.  I suspect this has also been contributing to depression on some level.

The third level round of the Kala Sarpa yoga (see previous article on blog)  will kick in as the moon moves into Virgo Oct. 27th and does not get past Ketu until after Nov. 9th so there may be an increase in world tensions and intensity through the election and with Wikileaks promising the worst of its emails by Nov. 1st, it would seem that that there will be an inevitable climax.   Will the conjunction of Ketu with Neptune bring out the truth just as all the fear that Y2K brought up going into the year 2000 was dissolved when the world was still standing after the clocks struck midnight?  Illusion/depection/fear are all important themes as we go through the next few weeks.  Remember to go through your own fears with courage and a stronger Mars in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius  will help.

Mars squares Uranus exactly into Oct. 29th between Sag. and Pisces which is an earthquake signature. It can stir up restlessness and impulsiveness for Pisces, Sag. and Virgo rising signs where it is having the most impact with Uranus at 29 degrees in the karmic gandata area (meaning drowning)  of Pisces.  It can stir up rebellion against restrictions and so watch for a revolution in Venezuela where the government has cancelled the recall vote of a very poor President who has impoverished his people.  If you have this natal signature in your chart, you might be pushed to want to make major changes in your life as explosions of frustration happen around this aspect and one has to be careful of accidents and fires.

So there is an intense climax coming the next week.  Take care of your diet, exercise.  Avoid bad habits that create more problems and know that the Divine is ever-taking care of you with a loving hand and that it will pass.

NOTE: Our posts are never intended to scare you but to make you aware of general tendencies–like a weather forecast.  Specific events in your life are more like to manifest if you have the above astrological signatures in your chart or are running cycles that will bring them out. Most of the stuff you fear does not happen.

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