Arcturus is a single yellow star which is the central star of the constellation of Bootis which is at the top of the gateway between Virgo and Libra. It is the heart of Libra. The Sun transited into that constellation on Oct. 23rd and will be there until Nov. 5th and Mercury is also transiting through there from Oct. 25-Nov. 2nd.

The Sanskrit name is Swati meaning “good goer” or sword or tender. It is a constellation that promotes restlessness and roaming and delicacy but can also be a place of smooth sailing before the storm. It has a cutting and fiery quality like a sword and if you have the moon, sun or ascendent in this constellation it creates procrastinators, diplomats and good business people.  The presiding deity is Vayu, the god of the wind so it has a strong Vata 0r air-like influence. It is also  connected to Hanuman, Vayu’s son, representing strength, morality, propriety, loyalty and serving without ego which bring out the highest qualities of this constellation if its ruler Rahu, is well placed and not afflicted in ones chart.  Rahu is connected with hidden potential that seeks to blossom and needs to be discovered in the present life.  This constellation is also connected to Saraswati and promotes learning on a material, spiritual and philosophical level and love of music  and knowledge.

The dark side of this star is that it can promote extreme procrastination so during this transit, you may need to just get out there and do something rather than think about.  There can be a tendency to get stuck with the energy so now is a time to act and not wait as the stuck energy can create extreme frustration.

People born with this constellation in Libra (whether their sun, moon, or rising sign)  are often excellent diplomats.  They are independent and very individualistic and relative. This is one of the more material constellations in the zodiac and it can promote great wealth but its nature is to create this through ruthlessness and destruction.

The connection between Rahu and Venus in this constellation promotes good business activity and self-determination to promote wealth so transits of Mercury the businessman here make inspire no entrepreneurial action on your part.  It seeks pleasure and luxury and comfort.

The Sun is debilitated in this constellation because the Sun is a warrior and it can misuse its power here. Lack of confidence can lead to over-expression and misuse of ego for control. Hillary Clinton’s birthday is today, Oct. 26th and has her Sun placed here.  Insecurity leads to domination of the will to create a pretense of superiority.  We have written two articles on depression and low self-esteem connected to this transit and so one has to be aware and not overcompensate with negative domination.

Mercury loves the transit through this constellation as it love the Libra energy and ability to connect with others and expand business  but the danger may be to ignore traditions as the radical and independent  Rahu energy has contempt for traditional values. This energy promotes transforming out-moded ancient institutions and traditional values and leads to progression in society by creating new waves of change.

Seems like a good time for entrepreneurial expansion and  learning to master the diplomatic qualities of the constellation to better serve work and humanity.

Thanks to Prash Trivedi for his insights into this constellation. For a reading with Barry and insights into your transits and cycles, hit the request button or click on this  link:



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