We are revisiting the Ketu/Neptune conjunction which peaks into Nov. 16-17th in the True Node system which works better in transit  and then intensifies as Neptune goes stationary direct on Nov. 19th.   The last time we had Ketu/Neptune it was in Capricorn around Jan. 15, 2000 just after we thought the world was going to end with the Y2K scare.   This conjunction is taking place in the social activist sign of Aquarius and the revolutionary star of Shatabishak, ruled by Rahu.

Everyone I talk to feels like they have been punched in the stomach with the election results in large riots in Portland, New York and Chicago are an expression of social outrage. As my friend, Juliana Swanson noted in her blog on Astral Harmony a few months back:

“The dynamics of Neptune and Ketu conjoining in Aquarius can be seen in large democratic or humanitarian societal movements which seek to alleviate social injustice, like what is mentioned above and also in the Black Lives Matter movement. Yet, without a firm peaceful foundation aligned with higher principles, movements like this tend to backfire and become ineffective and dangerous. These planetary energies can be quite unconscious, eliciting violent, confusing, incoherent, and disintegrating shadow forces. ”

Like Y2k  when we were all convinced the world was going to end because of computer glitches and it turned into a subconscious hoax, it feels like everyone is spinning the Trump victory into the end of the world. As I mentioned before, Trump goes into a  16 year Jupiter period this week and is switching out of Rahu which I think fostered more xenophobia, self-aggrandizement and narcissism. I sense he is going to grow up quickly with his new world role and more Jupiter-related values will emerge for generosity, justice, benevolence.  I hope that with his billions that he is beyond corruption and will turn into the Leo/King figure that he may be destined to be the generous kingly figure of ancient times that want to bring more peace and prosperity to the world and already Putin and China and the Philippines have  embraced him. I think Ketu/Neptune is spinning this web of irrational fear in the fear-based energy constellation of Shatabisha nakshatra (Aquarius 6.40-20.00) and is  known for its secrecy.  We have a peak in smoke and mirrors cycles this week and  I encourage you to look for the truth beyond the vast deception that the media spun with the Clinton campaign that was documented by Wikileaks.

The Sun in Libra is still weak but it finally moves into Scorpio on Nov. 16th for the next month.  There has been so much energy caught up in being right and making others wrong for their political perspectives and it is still going on.  We are crushed because we are so caught up in being right and our fragile ego feels destroyed.  Politics, regime changes, re-balancing in Congress have gone on for time immemorial. I am hopeful for a better world and change is inevitable and we have to trust that God and the Divine have a better plan.  I doubt Trump will continue to embrace has xenophobia and hopefully the balance of power in government will prevent any “weirdness” from manifesting.  Yes, he has been a loose canon but I am counting on the power of his stationary Jupiter in Virog to embrace pragmatic and real change for a better world.   Do we accept the situation or do we rant and rave even before he has come forward?

Still, the  US is not likely to remain settled about this and rebellion and revolt will continue.  Sun in Scorpio  after Nov. 16th will move toward conjunction with Saturn into Dec. 10th and that always stirs up revolt against government.  Mars into Aquarius Dec. 11-Jan. 19th will further  stir up social activism and the Mars/Ketu conjunction into Dec. 26th  will stir up more violence and hopefully not terrorism.  I suspect that even with the election over, that social unrest is going to continue.

With the Neptune station on Nov. 19th, look for secrets to come out.  Lets hope for a simple transfer of power and peace but also look within ourselves to create that peace and acceptance and not think that some candidate, whether good or bad, is going to impact our world that much.  We have to get beyond the political messiah complex for any candidate and work toward creating positive change and creating kindness in our community. Look to harness the Aquarian energy but doing service to create a better neighborhood or community.

We continue to get a break of the Kala Sarpa Yoga in transit which culminated at the  election results and does not kick until after Nov. 22nd so some of the nightmarish energy of the last few weeks should lift.

Mars will continue in exaltation and move into Shravana nakshatra on Nov 14th until Dec. 3rd and that will lead to a whole article in a few days.    The Sun moves into the constellation of Anuradha on Nov. 19th until Dec. 2nd in the sign of Scropio and that will also deserve a new article and Mercury stays in Scorpio and moves toward conjunction with Saturn into Nov. 23rd which may foster more communication challenges but can also foster really deep and precision thinking.

So one climax this week for the world should happen by Friday,  but probably not peace until the New Year.  Take care of each other and be kind and realize that politicians, illusion, delusion, false hopes and surprises have gone on for time immemorial and will continue to do so.  We had have written numerous times that we are concerned that the powers that be will not let Trump become president because he is not owned by the shadow government.  I do not think the US needs more political unrest nor the world but with the US in a Rahu period, which means radical change and revolution, it is inevitable. That movement is continuing from Brexit and will carry into France.  The Central Bankers and world power brokers have been selfishly trying to hoard all the money of the world for themselves and lets hope the Divine is moving toward creating more equality.  I do sense this whole movement will climax into 2020-1 so it is far from over.

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