MARS IN THE CONSTELLATION OF SHRAVANA: Listening, goal-setting and Organizing

EYE ON THE SKY: MARS in SHRAVANA: Energy and Success for Big Projects.

Mars moved into the constellation of Sharvana Nov. 14th  which is at 10.00 Capricorn to 23.20 Capricorn.  It will transit there until Dec. 2nd. Modern astronomers say this constellation consists of 3 stars,  Altair, Alshain and Tarazed and mythologically correspond to the three steps taken by Vishnu.  The translation of Shravana  is “hearing”  or ” the one who limps.” It is sometimes connected to the Pipal tree and the sacred tree where Buddha received enlightenment. This constellation is often connected to a trident or an ear and its symbol is to listen and if planets are strong in this constellation it means that one has to learn to be a good listener or to listen to one’s inner voice.

Vishnu is the deity of this constellation and if you have the sun, moon or ascendent here it gives one strong organizational skills which are often associated with Capricorn.  It makes one clever with a strong ability to work through problems.  Saraswati the goddess of learning is also connected to this star due to the connection to put speech into distinct words for learning.   People born with this constellation tend to be peaceful and persevering even if sometimes stubborn but they like to complete their tasks.  They are gentle, kind, amicable and liberal-minded and reasonable. Its darker side can lead to naivete in falling prey to deception and bad advice.  People with this star may be too generous but it can lead to bigotry and extreme narrow-mindedness and given what is happening post the election, we have to watch these qualities over the next three weeks.  Still this  group of stars is a wonderful combination of business skills and at the same time a softness that puts people at ease.

Mars transit through the star is mixed. It can create chatterboxes who are not skilled in listening but it can bring a lot of energy to achieve one’s goals so this is a good time to tackle those big projects like clearing or organizing a big space that you have put off.  It is also a constellation connected to the media and news broadcasters and columnist due to its “chatty” nature so we wonder if we are in for a deeper mess from the media.  The deepest meaning  of this constellation, which is number 22, is the courage to jump into new situations without any concern for the past or the consequences of the future. Mars, exalted in this constellation, had this ability for you to start new projects and be successful. If the ego gets in the way, it can be more difficult so connecting with your intuition is important for success.

The constellation is connected to the moon and Mars is starting its journey through it at the Super Moon which is the biggest moon since 1948 and the moon will be exalted in Taurus into Nov. 17th and that will super-charge new beginnings and projects.  Because  Mars is debilitated in the sign of Cancer, because the warrior does not do well at home and needs to go out in the world and the workplace, success will be in getting out of the house and going for a big project and taking all the extra energy and courage that Mars gets in Capricorn now to good things for the world.  Special thanks to Prash Trivedi and Komilla Sutton for their insights into this constellation.  I love this picture of the man with this triplets embodying the strength of Mars but the softness and nurturing quality of the moon that this constellation has.

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