Things heat up a bit in the sky this week after the Thanksgiving holiday forcing us to rise to the occasion and deal with more change in our life.

Mars in Capricorn stays in its exalted sign through Dec. 10th and gets a full aspect from Jupiter in Virgo on Thursday Dec. 1st, which will be felt most on its own day of the week, Tuesday.  It also gets a full 60 degree aspect from Saturn on Saturday, Dec. 3rd. Mars is temporarily weak in the sign Nov. 28-Dec. 3rd as it transits through Cancer Navamsha (Capricorn 20-23.20). This combination is very complex for Mars ruled ascendents like Aries and Scorpio this week as there is more fatigue and anger coming up and yet strength in moving forward.  Good time for teaching and advising and also good luck from Jupiter in pursuing new ventures with enthusiasm and dynamism, however there is still the challenge of having to deal with overspending and financial challenges. Mars is strongest on Tuesday and so the most courage, energy and luck will shine then but by Saturday when it gets hit by a full Saturn aspect it will have to rest more and deal with more emotional conflict and fear.  Exercise and action is important this week for Mars to continue to move through new emotional turmoil and not get stuck.  There could be a tendency to be stubborn, extreme, pessimistic by the end of the week so reaching down deep to move forward will be important.  Aquarius rising or moon, or  Gemini rising or moon, may have the most difficult time with this transit as it is 12th from Aquarius and 8th from Gemini.  Reread the article about the Parivartana Yoga and exchange of signs between Mars in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn and Saturn in Scorpio, ruled by Mars.  The impact will be different based on the houses involved but the intensity will be maximum with the exact aspect of Saturn onto Mars on Dec. 3rd with the exchange happening.

We have two major changes happening Dec. 3-4th  with Rahu moving into the constellation of Magha (Leo 0-13.20) on Dec. 3rd and Jupiter moving into the constellation of Chitra (Virgo 23.20-Libra 6.40) on Dec. 4th and have written two separate articles about this transits.  (see above).  Jupiter in Chitra until March will support creativity and invention, and Rahu in Magha until September will support promotions and rise in leadership.

Mercury has a bit more difficulty this week, so Gemini and Virgo rising signs will be more challenged. Mercury is transiting through the gandanta or drowning area of the zodiac between Scorpio 27 and Sagittarius 3 between Nov. 26-Nov. 30th and moves into the constellation of Moola in Sagittarius on Nov. 28th.  Mercury moves quickly but is debilitated for a few days at the end of Scorpio where it may make bad decisions or take bad advice and more emotional turbulence may arise. As it moves into Moola nakshatra Nov. 30-Dec. 9th, it connects with Ketu and where at its best, will create deep intuitive analysis and thought and spiritual thinking particularly Dec. 1-5th, but when it is more afflicted in the early section of the transit in Nov 30-Dec. 2nd, it may be more confused, angry, bewildered and subject to erratic changes. Geminis and Virgos may feel unsupported and reject the past and move toward new spiritual realms.   Mercury will also be exchanging signs with Jupiter in Virgo for a parivartana yoga or exchange of signs until Feb. 3rd now; we have not seen this since January 2005 and will have to write an entire article on it but we feel it is a good thing.

The Moon this week is in Scorpio Nov. 28-Dec. 1st where it may seem more emotionally vulnerable and anxious as it moves toward Saturn on Nov. 30th and also becoming a  new moon  on Nov. 29th. My friend Juliana Swanson has written about this new moon in Scorpio on her blog on Astral Harmony and it is particularly potent because of the Nodal placements and the connection to the constellation of Antares:

“In general, the New Moon in Scorpio tends to draw out shadow themes revolving around depression, fear, aggression, death, sexuality, rebirth, money, control and personal power. When not in harmony, Scorpio can be dogmatic, fundamentalist, rigid, stubborn, or narrow-minded. With Scorpio’s emphasis here, some will have a tendency to feel stuck, tight, or heavy in body and mind.  It may be helpful at this time to focus on spirit, move our bodies, keep with a positive message, enjoy nature, and most importantly, laugh, be kind and soften our hearts.”   This is a good week to make sure you are on top of your yoga and meditation practices and exercise often helps us get through our emotions.  Cancer rising and people with Scorpio moons in their natal chart will be most impacted by this transit.

Finally the Sun moves into Jyestha constellation in Scorpio 16.40-29.59 on Dec. 2nd-15 and will be connected more to Mercury and continues to move toward conjunction with Saturn on Dec. 10th.  We have written previously about the Saturn combustion and handling the fear and anxiety that it may bring up and we will write more about the Sun later in the week.

So it is a stormy week in the stars and the more difficult transits force us to grow, act and face our deepest fears and transform the energy. Doing your spiritual practices and staying away from bad habits is particularly important this week but use the transits to transform your life.  The more difficult transits can create more growth and freedom in our life if we move through them with courage and transformational energy.  Mars moving into its peak of exaltation by Dec. 8th and aspected by Jupiter will give us the courage to grow and transform in new ways.  Have a good week and make sure to donate to your favorite charities and reach out in kindness to help others.

Venus goes into its friend’s sign of Capricorn on Dec. 3rd until Dec. 29th and that will also require a new article later in the week.  Venus moves into Uttara Ashadha nakshatra on Nov. 30-Dec. 11th.

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