We have been talking about how to handle the Mars/Ketu conjunction for weeks now but you can do broader things and here is a reminder list.  We are also going to be going into a difficult 11-12 month transit of Saturn after Christmas when it will stay in the Gandanta area between Scorpio 27-Sag. 3 degrees for about 11-12 months and we will have to write  about it later in the week as it approached.

Allof these emotional and psychological patterns are all tricks that hold us prisoner if we buy into them.  The power of spiritual practice is to get beyond them so that you are empowered to change your attitude and the way you see things so you can shift.

So what can we do when karma comes back and either we or those around us are suffering?

1) This is a time to be disciplined about your meditation practice and yoga and other spiritual practices because these lighten the burden and give us more strength to deal with everything. The tendency is to skip that which is good for us when we are challenged but that’s like taking off a winter coat when its below zero.
2) Donate time and money to help those in need. This is one way to address karma and by getting out of our own stuff, we feel better and move through our own karma.
3) Be disciplined with diet and exercise. The tendency is to use food to cover up difficult emotions or skip exercise because we feel tired or lazy. So much illness (6th house) can be overcome if we are disciplined doing what is good for us. Avoid addictive behaviors and non-life-supporting actions especially now. The tendency is to want to escape but usually this leads to more difficult problems quickly.
4) Spend time with spiritual knowledge, attend spiritual gatherings and hang around with positive people at this time.
5) Do transformational healing work to move through these energies and uncover why these patterns are up and how you can heal them.

6) If you are inclined toward vedic practices, there are mantras and ceremonies that can help clear the mind and life the fog that is blocking you from moving forward.

Remember, you are the power and the light and not the victim of the planets.  You are so much more powerful than a gem or a puja and you are here to master the planets and not be a victim.  Reach down for that extra strength to transform your life.

If you need help understanding your chart, view our services at or take our new class starting Jan 14th on understanding and timing your personal chart.   Learn some of the secrets and simple techniques for understanding how to time your life to be a master rather than a victim of the planets.

Note: Peoples charts and transits are very individual and we write general articles that maybe useful to all our readers. In reality, Vedic astrology is very much like  reading very specific strands of DNA.

Wishing you a warm and joyous holiday.  Have a great week!


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