EYE ON ASTROLOGY:  Moving Beyond Astrology of Fear and Anger.
I am getting a lot of questions about the upcoming Mars/Ketu conjunction at Christmas and its impacting us all over the next two weeks.  When Mars is afflicted it gets angry and if that anger is not expressed then it can lead to expression in the physical world in the form of accidents or fires or burns or violence. You would have to have a key natal chart transit or cycle running at the same time and it impacting key degrees to have an impact, so most people are safe.

Mars/Ketu is also a signature for terrorism and we unfortunately had 3 incidents on Dec. 19th with Berlin, Switzerland and Turkey.  But also find ways to release your own anger so that you are not a terrorist in your own home.  Scream at the top of your lungs in your empty car, write an angry letter that you do not mail, or say something and drop it. Its better to release it than have it smolder and erupt.

There are always a lot of challenging things happening in the sky.   They can create some emotional distress and frustration but timing a major event impact would depend on whether:

1) A planetary event is impacting a natal planet in your chart. So the Mars/Ketu conjunction is at 12 degrees of Aquarius so if you have key planets from 9-15 degrees Aquarius,  like other malefics, it will have more of an impact particularly if it is your natal Sun, Moon or Ascendent or another key Malefic like Saturn or Rahu.
2) The dasha cycle or planetary period running is 80% of timing and transits are 20%. If you are running Ketu/Mars  period or Mars/Ketu  periods now then the impact of that transit would be more impactful or if you are running a Rashi Dasha for Aquarius, it would be felt more.

3) Ninety degree aspects to the same planets at Taurus 9-15 degrees, Leo 9-15 degrees or Scorpio 9-15 degrees in your natal chart could also be more dramatic.

4) If the two are both happening, then it would depend on what house is being hit and what rising sign you are and then you might need remedial measures like mantras, yagyas or just plain being alert and careful.

5) You have a signature of Mars/Ketu in your natal chart.

The mind tends to take 20% of our fear and exaggerate it into 120%. 99% of the things we fear never happen.  You are safe so do not be afraid.

Karma can be averted through meditation, service work, charity, awareness but getting caught up in fear over all the major events that happen in the sky is not useful. My posts are not meant to scare people but to make you aware of the influences of the puppet strings of the planets and how they impact your mind and emotions. You do not have to buy into those emotions and usually meditation and yoga and helpings others will help you move beyond the noise of planets.

We want to label stuff as good and bad but all the events that happen in our life are for our growth. We should re-label them “challenges” that provide a chance to grow. Mars/Ketu may create a lot of anger and frustration in some area of our life depending how it hits our chart and in the end the way through is acceptance and patience and not flying off the handle.  Like our cover picture of the Buddhist monk embracing the tiger, you can find the love hidden underneath the fear and the anger and master it and become a great saint.   Doing the opposite and stuffing food into your system or hiding in your addictions will not give you the chance to deal with this event.

Still I do feel that because of the Saturn/Mars exchange of houses with this aspect, that it could be an intense few weeks of anger and frustration so go more slowly. Accidents happen when you run around like a rabbit and are not aware so slow down and be alert.

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Note: Peoples charts and transits are very individual and we write general articles that maybe useful to all our readers. In reality, Vedic astrology is very much like  reading very specific strands of DNA.

Wishing you a warm and joyous holiday.  Have a great week!


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