Saturn moves to the last degree of Scorpio on Jan. 16th and is most intense Jan. 18-26th.  In Vedic lore this last degree is called Abdukta Mula with Abdukta meaning unenjoyed or uneaten or unused.  This is a very unstable area of the zodiac and can bring out Saturn’s more challenging qualities of impatience, anxiety, uncertainty, doubt, gloom, security issues, wanting to make major changes.   We have talked about this in previous articles about restlessness. It can bring up a great deal of emotional churning. If you planets at 29 degrees in Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus or Leo or if you are Capricorn or Aquarius rising, you may particularly feel the intensity.

We will also see it in the world and the March on Washington during the Inauguration is having this very difficult degree going on and people’s upset with the change in leadership is going to be intense.

We are pointing this out as if you are aware of the influence and blame it on Saturn, you do not have to get roped into making bad or impulsive decisions. Still with Saturn at the end of the sign, it is a time for conclusions–often about job changes, relationships, housing, finances.   Remember to look into the restlessness and decide if any major changes are just because you cannot stand it anymore or if they are really going to be productive?

Still if you can make these changes with sound judgment, it may create some freedom from the shackles of Jyestha nakshatra which is more material and prepare you for the move into Sagittarius which is more spiritual.

Stay on top of yoga, meditation and practices that keep your emotional body centered. Drink calming herbal teas and avoid running around. There is higher anxiety in the air and you have to keep it calm in order to make clear decision.   The worse part of the Saturn transit is Jan. 18-Feb. 6th so not a great time to plan major events but there is always something going on the sky but they will be easier if you do them a bit later.   Jupiter is also approaching the 29th degree of Virgo on Feb 1st but that degree is auspicious in the star of Spica so that should help balance things out for you especially if you are Capricorn, Pisces or Taurus or Virgo and getting good aspects from Jupiter.  We will write more about this later.

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