In the Vedic calendar, the Sun moving into Capricorn on Jan. 14th marks a rebirth much in the same way we think of the winter solstice as it is officially a time when the light is increasing on the planet and it brings new hope and this is celebrate as Makara Sankranti beginning the new month when the Sun is in Capricorn.  As the Sun moves into Capricorn today for the next month, it brings the beauty of winter silence, practicality, hard-work, responsibility, good service and support, efficiency and the more positive qualities of Sun in Capricorn out and it is unafflicted by any other planet with just a minor aspect from Saturn which is too far away at the end of the sign.

Mercury is being aspected by Rahu exactly on January 17th but has a 3 degree of influence from Saturday the 14th until Jan. 19th. They are friends and this is a repeat of two other passes of this the 2nd week of December and in early January. They are friends but still this combination can create phobias and mental imbalances sometimes in a natal chart.  It can lead to changes in work or communications patterns.  Still it can strain the brain or intellect so maybe less reading and heavy intellectual activity will be a way of lightening the energy.  It can increase the air element or vata in the mind and so increasing mental activity may seem tiring.  Balance it out by using your intuitive or creative side and write a poem or song or paint something or create a masterpiece in the kitchen. Venus/Neptune are still close together  so this will be supported.

Mars is moving toward the end of Aquarius this week and will be doing a full aspect (210 degrees or 8 houses) onto Jupiter between Virgo and Aquarius in the sidereal system. While these planets are friends, Mars is still a natural malefic and can create problems for Jupiter, particularly this Thursday on a day ruled by Jupiter.  This can lead to expending wealth too quickly, suffering from legal issues, incurring financial penalties from improper management of funds.  One could see how extra bank fees, late fees or tax penalties might become an annoyance this week if you are not on top of balancing your checking account or paying taxes on time.  Mars and Jupiter continue to exchange nakshatras/constellations between the Pegasus and Spica (Purvabhadrapada and Chitra) and for Aries and Scorpio rising this may create courage and bravado to move forth and expand in business or joy in participating in sports and athletics or investments.  Mars aspect on Jupiter is not good for the stock market  as we move later in the week.

Saturn is squaring Mars exactly into Jan. 19th and while this is a 75% aspect and while Mars has a very weak 25% influence on Saturn  when it is exact or within 2 degrees Jan. 17-19th, it could still be a bit intense creating ego conflicts  or problems in competition with co-workers who may try to stop you if they feel threatened.  This could lead to repressed anger which will need to be released.  Luckily, Jupiter is helping a bit to soften but Mars is still  at the very end of the sign of Aquarius is at 29 degrees and vulnerable and weak to its darker side of anger and violence. Mars in the constellation of Pegasus owned by Jupiter is helping it out and will soften the impact if you can go toward good wisdom and guidance from others and use Jupiter’s good judgement.  Aries and Scorpio rising signs may be discouraged by failures and this will lead to frustration so be kind to yourself and do not beat yourself up if you are not as far along as you would like to be.  Be alert to prevent accidents and injuries by doing the Warrior pose as we discussed earlier in the week and I think the weak Saturn at 29 degrees also takes us off focus. I found myself stumbling and almost tripping a number of times over the last week.

Warrior pose

We have written six articles about Saturn in transition and now moving to the 29th degree this week as it prepares to move into Sagittarius. (Please reread those).  Reminder that you have to be patient with setbacks, delays and obstructions especially if you are ruled by Saturn or it is dominant in your chart and emotional churning is likely to increase.

Mars moves into Pisces on Jan. 20th until March 1st and we will write an article about this later in the week. It is a friend’s sign and it will be moving toward opposition with Jupiter into Feb. 27th and that is a positive for the expansion of courage and exuberance and adventure but you may have to be cautious about taking on too much and exhausting yourself.  This transit is particularly good for Scorpio rising.   Finally it will move away from the exchange of houses with Saturn and the influence of Ketu but it will move into Saturn’s constellation on January 24th and we will write about that next week.

Venus is moving into the constellation of Pegasus (Purvabhadrapada) on Jan. 16th and we have written about this constellation earlier (see:  and will write more about the impact of Venus here but it is the most nefarious constellation associated with secret societies and given the war going on between Trump and the Deep Government, the CIA and the new president, it could be an interesting week.

Finally, everyone wants to know about the inauguration and we will have to write a whole article about this also.  The actually chart for the time of the ceremony and what it means for our President is actually very good for the coming years but from a mundane astrological perspective, we are very troubled by Mars, Saturn and Jupiter at 29 degrees and Saturn aspecting Mars (75% but exactly) on Jan. 19th and by Mars being  weak in transit as it changes signs into Pisces on January 20th.  This on top of the emotional churning of Saturn at 29 degrees is going to create a lot of angry protestors in Washington, DC and we wonder if the national guard and police will be able to handle it.   Given Trump is in a Jupiter major period now we suspect he will be inaugurated and that his Presidency will be much better than anyone is expecting and yet it will not be without the upheavals and deep divisions that is so part of politics anyway.  Still we continue  to see the CIA and opponents attempting to prevent his taking power and this will climax this week given the intensity of the astrology with Mars and Saturn and yet I suspect that he will make it.  As one political analyst noted, ” There is no manifest rhyme or reason to Trump having made it to where he is. ‘They’ [the Deep State] were so sure they would win that they didn’t even go through the trouble of stealing it and once they saw what was happening it was too late.”   I suspect that power struggles going on will continue.

It has taken me a long time to realize about being neutral in politics.  Whether we are for something or against it, the mental agitation robs our peace of mind if our small ego is challenged about our position.  Yes social activism and creating a better society is important but do not let it destroy your inner peace.  The world will continue.   Saturn is stirring up lots of fear and it will be an interesting year, but God is running the show and we have to trust that he has a larger plan for creating positive change in our world. The winds of change are happening but there is a guiding hand there so relax into God’s safety net and go to sleep a night wrapped up in the protecting grace of a warm blanket and cocoon knowing that you are safe.  Chase away the fearful thoughts and tell them they can go.  You have that power over Saturn.  We are not our thoughts or emotions.  Become aware of them and tell them they can go.  Have a great week!

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Note: Peoples charts and transits are very individual and we write general articles that maybe useful to all our readers. In reality, Vedic astrology is very much like  reading very specific strands of DNA.



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