So finally a balancing transit to balance out all the darkness. Venus moves into her sign of exaltation on Jan. 27th for 4 months and we have not seen this long a Pisces transit  since the spring/winter of 2009  and this is  because Venus will go retrograde March 5-April 15th in Pisces, it will stay an unusual amount of time with this highest energy.  The energy on a basic level brings out the fullness of love and prosperity, the capacity for deep pleasure, artistic inspiration and expression and deep compassion. In Pisces it brings out deep intelligence, learning, ingenuity.   Venus rules women and relationship and lets hope this long transit soothes all the troubled energy from the election.

The transit is not without its afflicted moments as Venus stays within 5 degrees of Mars the first 2.5 week of February and while this uplifts Mars and brings out passion and enthusiasm, it can lead to squabbles and sexual tensions between the sexes.  Still it empowers men toward immortality.   In early  March, it goes retrograde and then gets burned up by the Sun into March 15th but for now, lets just think of it as a soothing relief from a very tense Saturn that will not go away this spring and that at least makes Friday, the day it rules, an extra fun and sweet day for romance, fun, strong relationship energy and peace.  Venus is in transition on Jan. 27th, so we will have to wait a week to feel it full energy.

Venus is a Guru planet in its own right and has an important role in materializing the spiritual essence of the human being and bring spirituality into the material world and in esoteric astrology it allows men to aspire after spiritual immortality and learn graceful manners, calmness, endurance, sociability and love of the arts. It is connected to wealth and Lakshmi, poetry, beautiful clothes, fine arts and music.  It governs reproductive organs, cheeks and kidneys.

Venus is the teacher of the demons and is the best of the benefics and seeks to bring spirituality to us after creating material abundance.  While often connected to beauty and the senses, it is also a great teacher and like Jupiter has its own depth of wisdom.   Looking forward to 4 months of this high energy to sooth troubled souls and seething angers and maybe Venus will bring more peace to the planet the next few months.  Lets hope so!

If you are Taurus rising, this is a really great time for you with an 11th house transit of your ascendent lord. If you are Libra rising, you will feel good but have to watch challenges from enemies and with health issues.  Dual signs, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius benefit from a Malava Yoga in transit with Venus exalted in an angular house supporting home, happiness, career.  Aries rising will have to watch overspending and expenditures and Scorpios may have challenges with children and investments.   Results for other rising signs are not as spectacular.  As always every chart is so unique and if you are running a Venus period or subperiod or have Venus in Pisces already, the energies will be more activated.

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