We are starting a series of articles on major planetary periods in connection to our on-going course on New Dimensions in Planetary Periods.  Rahu is always the most colorful planet period and we thought we would start there.

Rahu does well in the signs of Gemini, Virgo and Taurus and usually in Aquarius and Libra and Capricorn when connected to  3, 6, 10, 11th house and when it is aspected by benefics, Jupiter, Venus or Mercury. If you have such a combination, it  increases  ambition, experience, growth, creative/artistic, material success and ultimately brings out  the latent jewels of ones personality into one’s depths.

If it is well-placed during the period it can bring unexpected  opportunities for enjoyment, luxuries, friendships, honors from the state, recognition of merit; and recognition.  Rahu often brings material success so that we can learn detachment and learn the futility of the material world. Hence it always leaves us lacking and wanting more.  The key to success in a Rahu period is remembering the mantra, “I am enough.” “I have enough.”

Rahu is particularly afflicted in Scorpio or Sagittarius or when  when connected to the  1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 12th houses. It particularly challenging when aspected by  Saturn, the Sun, Moon, Mars or is in the  9th house of Gurus and religion as it is such a rebel and independent.

  • If you have an afflicted Rahu period you may experience:
    Feelings of being  constrained  by forces beyond control
    Victimized by overpowering forces
    Shadowy maneuverings
    Tinged with dissatisfaction – never enough
    Emptiness leading  to drugs, addictions, foreign travel, fears and phobias
    Sorrow, frustration, depression, dejection leads to transformation
    Psychologically intensity
    Loss of prestige, mental anguish, theft, loss of wealth, abandonment, bereavement, disappointment.
    Victimization  of bad company, anti-social activity

Rahu can be a very intense karmic time.  Losses and suffering need to lead you to enough dissatisfaction so that you discover your own divinity.

If Rahu is afflicted in your chart, you may have difficult to treat diseases during the period, a weakened immune system, being victimized by pollution problems, bad dreams or in extreme cases manic-depression.

Rahu responds well to creative expression so writing a song, painting or inventing something will release its energies. Many artists have a very promient Rahu.  Rahu also does well with social protest so use the time to create more freedom and change society.   Rahu governs outlaws and outcasts and inventors so be careful to channel the creative energy into something great and stay out of trouble with the wrong crowd.  Usually an adolescent going through a Rahu period suffers a major case of “rebel without a cause” so channel the energy to positive social change and protest and  not just anti-social gang-like energy.

My affirmation to get through the Rahu period is as follows:
I covert my suffering into Divine manifestation. I adapt and accept the changing nature of my karmic situation. I learn the Divine wisdom from every situation. I learn detachment and understanding from the ups and downs of life to understand my own Inner Eternal reality.

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Have a great day.

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