Sun  is one of the symbols or karakas for health and vitality and also for medical doctors and through the early part of March it is rather afflicted so you have to stay on top of your health with proper diet, disciplined exercise, and regular yoga.  You have to pick your doctors carefully also this month with Sun/Ketu conjunction and solar eclipse.

The Sun is moving into the constellation of Satabhishak on Feb. 19th-March 5th connected to Rahu and the constellation of 100 physicians so it is a time for healing. I find this transit difficult as it can bring up more irritation toward government so not a time to mouth back to a police officer around a traffic violation.   As it moves  within 3 degrees of Ketu, the south Node Feb. 19th -25th, we will feel more vulnerable to issues with the past, our fathers and our bosses and it could feel intense.  We have written about this in our first article on Sun in Aquarius but would add that the  emotional churning of the eclipse energy can lead us to adopt unhealthy habits and poor eating routines and indulging in abuse substances (like sugar) to deal with the emotions.   Be aware that is the Sun moving toward the eclipse which is exact on Feb. 26th that stirs up excitable and restless and agitated  emotional energy. You will have to calm it down with yoga, calming herbal teas, coconut water and coconut milk and staying away from spicy foods.

My friend Juliana Swanson of Astral Harmony notes:  “The Rajas-guna is rising which can be agitated, unstable, and changeable, though some may experience this as excitement as new revelations and changes develop. Nonetheless, in this eclipse tunnel, the Sattva-guna tends to dissipate which can make it harder to stay in balance or feel ease and contentment, and it is not wise to make important decisions now and before the solar eclipse. “

This will lead to imbalances in the emotional body and one will seeks some way to placate oneself and so we reach for some sugar or some other substances that are not good for you.  This may create emotional eating and can lead create disease and imbalance in the body.  Be aware. Take immune system boosters like Colustrum and echinacea, rest more and do not stay up too late with the extra energy.  Flu season is peaking and you have to stay rested and strengthen your immune system.

Find healthy ways to release energy with yoga, meditation an exercise or yelling at the top of your lungs in an empty car while you are driving.  If you cannot release then there may be a tendency to overwork, overeat or stay up late binging watching 13 episodes of your favorite series on Netflix and this will get you out of balance.

We will write more about the eclipse as it gets closer but it is a major one happening on a Sunday,  Feb. 26th.   Watch the world continue to go crazy through the solar eclipse as the media continues to foam at the mouth and whip us up into a frenzy. Turn off the TV, meditate, sing, do something to ease the tension.

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